so...i looked at the postscript files i exported from flash and realized I could read these values back into flash, and vary the stroke weights on the fly...essentially I'm creating a hand-made filter here...which was sort of depressing to realize. In any case...the picture on the right is the input picture and the drawing on the left is its interpretation using this filter. Line weight is adjusted by the slope of the line...sort of a calligraphy pen.

This assumes that stroke weight is somehow dependant on an intrinsic quality of the line drawing itself...rather than the subject...which i know is BS. I think i'd like to see what would happen if i took the original source (the photograph)...and varied the line weights based on RGB values.

This study is an extreme example of how i am always convinced that there is an underlying structure to what I perceive as natural...something that I am slowly being forced to realize might not be the case at all.