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little kids explain the holidays

true facts about baby echidnas

body karaoke

the perfect guide to holiday etiquette

15 Things We Can All Agree On

the most awkward moments

what we think about when we fly home

emoticats :)

hack to power, brian


life school (intern show #2)

the man's pebble (intern show #1)

hurricane sandy :: the damage

the guide to trading candy

the cutest halloween costumes

the final debate finally

hr violation

very important notes on the second debate


hedgehogs vs. politicians :: you decide

the most romantic photographs


disappointing facts about pop music

omgwtflol youtube comments

true facts about hedgehogs

getting better

curiosity adds to evidence that water once flowed on mars


amazing photographs brought back to life!

oddly day

2601 people wrote this song

proof that cats are better than dogs

sex questions


good books


weather anchors are awesome

the sweetness

you had one simple job!

7 simple steps to get you through the day


self soothing

understanding politics chapter 1



what were we thinking? :: dangerous ads

the tongue show

mars panorama :: curiosity rover

on leaving

windows update


things that will make you feel old

intense art installations


botanicus interacticus :: interactive plant technology

job interview

a picnic table pyramid rises in the night

catching up

the cat immersion project


curiosity lands on mars :: gallery

how to public speaking

NASA's new mars rover sends high-res image

finishing book

the next monet in the making? a 9 year old painter

duck run

i forget how

bob ross remixed

back again

happiest olympic worker 2012

music from a tree

R2D2 fire hydrant

awesome new 4D typography

1965 serro scotty sportsman :: rebuild

check list

first computer graphics film ever from 1963

forget ice cream :: here comes a pizza truck!

the doctor's office

hick hick hick

haunting images of a spinning woman

so much to do!

inside the lunar orbiter image recovery project

maker station in library parking lot = all kinds of awesome

teen brain

living grass portraits created by photosynthesis

walking shadows of rainbow collage


grandmother's nerdy stained glass

omg higgs

san diego fireworks show goes up in flames

a conversation with my 12 year old self: 20th anniversary edition

slowing down

public radio reporter interviews his two little girls after one gives the other the ‘worst haircut ever’

Janken (rock-paper-scissors) Robot with 100% Winning Rate

i have a (puzzling) dream

one minute vacation

how to write a (pixar) story

OHEA automatico

star trail photos

"blue hour"

how mosquitoes survive raindrops

slo-mo skateboarding

museum of endangered sounds

for when you don't have a bottle opener

J.viewz music video

tiny islands

confectionary zoetrope

measuring the universe

we are all getty

neon text in nature

interview with terry gilliam

Tadao Cern's "blow job" portraits

the art of the animated gif

time-lapse european history

underwater hotel

surprisingly great cover of lmfao

outtakes from colbert's interview with sendak

stop motion with board games

RIP Maurice Sendak

in memorium

off the grid

led candles

henna heals

phantom tollbooth book art

dissected artists

knotted line

snapshots from movies

most highlighted passages on kindle

happy (belated) earth day

aerial views, time lapses

mark your calendars :: may 5th SUPERMOON

skydiving + synchronized swimming + diving

holi 2012 :: festival of color

elderly man transformed by music

fictional character birthdays

"Largest Rube Goldberg Machine"

"caine's arcade"

an invocation

new mapped cities

animate everything

vintage cosplay

footprint snowflakes

wind map

100 year-old lightbulb

a business presentation

stretched colors

"frame of mind"

bob carney's tutu project

7:38 :: a newspaper for commuter friends

in honor of mr. rogers

flow charts from doogie horner

"wrecking crew" dance

literary map

yarn bombs

the history of the animated gif

"birth, life, and death of a soldier"

"fresh guacamole" :: stop-motion

kickstarter countdown!

ralph mcquarrie

"keep calm and carry on" :: a history

fan-sourced music video :: graham coxon


inspiring video of blind surfer

beirut music video :: vagabond

new gotye stop-motion vid

if you were a fan of the show...

optical illusion :: "reverse mindwarp"

chiseled murals

recycling photo booths

walking the keel

shadow art

small world

flower art

everything is a remix #4

mark jenkins' mannequins

new star, "It Will Be Okay"

happy vday

the science behind a tear-jerking song

smoke drawings


Alex Braidwood and his Noisolation Headphones

disneyland home movie :: 1957

russian kid with no fear of heights

diagrams to explain your behavior

long exposure photos of fireflies

"love ever after" :: photos of lasting love

"to my old master"

the stuff of nightmares :: megafishes

"the first cycle"

breakdancing competition

"people flying in new york city"

sound of silence

data viz

l'horizon :: surreal photos of surf city

insecure :: by michael shevlin

power of music

"a girl like me"

president sings al green

underground city

republican candidates yearbook photos

drumming an animation

coloring black & white photos

snow forts!

painting typewriter

"pig chase" :: a video game for you and pigs

centenarian portraits

electro shock :: animated short

machines of joy

3D printing...on ice!

jeff harris :: 4,748 self-portraits

fishing under ice

colbert's take on SOPA

white room + thousands of stickers + kids

record cover costumes

"flexing" in brooklyn

lyrics that aren't words

photos from the dead sea

the best in street art

black ceremony's "daytime fireworks"

abandoned chinese fake disneyland

body landscapes :: photos by alan teger

give anyone in the world a white christmas

correlation or causation

Proteigon: A Geometric Stop Motion Short

john leung's optical illusion rug

mysterious paper sculptures

ted sabarese photos :: people and fish

"mobius ship" :: at the indianapolis art museum

traffic in ho chi minh city

celebrity close-ups

favorite shirt day!

jenny slate :: self-esteem video

suitcases from the willard asylum :: photos by jon crispin

stop motion mini fest :: fleet foxes plus world history

1 second videos :: so much in so little

the nicest place on the net :: hugs for all

"address is approximate" :: stop-motion + Google Street View

found images on google satellite

new mgmt animated video

End of a Scarer by Chris O'Hara :: great animated short

a year of the sky :: from the exploratorium

plastic bottles make excellent bricks

monica's helper robots

stop motion music video :: pretty pencils

"Time Lapse View from Space"

neil degrasse :: autotuned awesomeness

underwater music video :: scenes from Dayton's Wall in Antarctica

secret subway platform under the waldorf-astoria

don't swim after lunch :: animation by jens blank

christoph nieman live draws the nyc marathon

U-Ram Choe's robotic sculpture

murmuration :: beautiful footage of many, many birds

light paintings by brian hart

Art Nouveau five story mural from A'shop

"7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?" :: from NPR

smashing pumpkins in high-def + a great high-tech costume

alphabets in negative space

"7 billion people and you: What's your number?"

wild animals in urban places

things that make me happy: teenage mutant ninja noses and moneyfaces

spike jonze + Olympia Le-Tan Stop Motion

museum of obsolete objects

turn into a tree when you pass away

"page 23" :: a 48-hour film

"where children sleep" :: a collection of bedrooms

duet with Siri

what happens to a whale when it dies?

this american life :: on loving your job

film in fake english :: "Skwerl"

nikon's small world photo contest

looppool remixes :: sounds from rick walker

MCHS Lip Dub :: OkGo's Here it Goes Again

Индийский Брейк :: Indian Break Dance 1987


Japanese Synchronized Gymnastics

"rolling in the beats" :: mashup extraordinaire

"Rick Perry" — A BadLipReading Soundbite

beautiful stop-motion made with light

american juggalo :: by Sean Dunne

Fantastic Planet :: animated movie, 1970s :: games advancing science

"animal crossing" :: a story

Tegels :: beautiful stop-motion of street tiles

Visualising the brain: Science watching moveis from your brain using fMRI

emotional baggage check

lisa hannigan music video :: covered in paint

Faces by arturo castro :: real time "face swap"

"vinyl killers" :: record played with little toy truck

morgan freeman explains the universe :: auto-tuned

the bleeoo project :: an oral history of modems

the CTRL-V collection


water sculptures in Osaka Station City

you are not so smart :: by David McRaney

lunch bag art

laughs :: by everynone

stunt poetry

do you remember your first day of school?

Come answer's Mission of the Day: Killer Beats

baby playing rock band

footage from an assembly line


AI conversations :: chatbox talking to each other

steve jobs :: first tv interview prep

tilt-shift van gogh

try helvetica (in brazil)

june bum park :: parking god

the mindset list of 2015

500 People in 100 Seconds!

quadrotors are awesome

alcoholic drinks :: zoomed waaaaaay in

space oddity as a children's book

dot and gulp :: smallest and largest stop motion animation

david shrigley's photographs

split family faces by Ulric Collette

two-year-old cam

death of a dragonfly

watch WINNEBAGO MAN for free!

Come answer's Mission of the Day: Congressional Haikus!

cover tune grab bag :: obla di, obla da awesome vid

jonathan's starbucks card

how an iceberg is formed

post-it note board in peckham

"parasite" is a projector for subways

rick mereki's travel videos

new romance music video

a day in california :: tilt shift + stop-motion

stop motion reverse haircut

Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania takes on the bike lane fight

the quiet dispair of the starship enterprise

river bridge

"portraits of dogs as they shake off water"

LCD Soundsystem :: in Lego

rube goldberg self-portrait machine

dyslexie is a typeface for dyslectics

jim meskimen's impressive impressions

BBC + dubstep

calder's circus

"the curfew" :: video game trailer

teller (of penn & teller) tells us why we believe

parisian street dancing

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

aerialist over the brooklyn bridge

"Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)"

snail attack

"the responsive eye" :: optical illusions from 1965

reggie watts :: "every day is like sunday"

100 longest entries on wikipedia

fresh air fund

sorry the site was down :(

improv everywhere :: bryant park stakes

splitscreen: a love story :: cell phone film

zero :: stop motion animation

"the story of the muscular princess" :: animation by Júlia Farkas

young me, now me book now at barnes & noble!

"three-way street" :: one intersection in manhattan :: by Ron Gabriel

pixel art :: space invaders, lemmings, mario mashup :: big projection

pre-order the one and only Young Me, Now Me BOOK!!!!

a tank shooting :: in slo-mo

new pogo remix :: bloom

airplane of the future

dear photograph

scribbler + minecraft

new belle & sebastian video :: write about love

alimation :: beautiful food animations

"Why Man Creates" :: by Saul Bass

"Grandma and Baby - Day at the park"

technoviking + boo boo on my heart :: by ÅndersonCentral

"Mind your step" :: Stockholm street art

lovely little animation

did you know what patents google holds?

jim gilliam's talk at the personal democracy forum :: "the internet is my religion"

prohibition jazz music video

Snake River Landslide :: time lapse footage


"mr. freeze wants what?!"

grand rapids lip-synching music video

french flashmob fights litter

intel creates a museum of YOU!

gorgeous performances by alternative circus

if Earth had rings like Saturn

the cutest thing i have ever seen

last night's modern family inspired by Young Me Now Me!!

clark little's photographs of waves

"The Apocamix" by Eclectic Method

what would you take if your house were on fire?

please send me links to post back to you :)

"Timeline of Science Fiction Ideas, Technology and Inventions"

podcast of the commonwealth talk

Gelatin cubes dropped onto solid surface High Speed Video 6200 fps

"writers and kitties"

Terje Sørgjerd's video of "The Mountain" and the stars

amazing photos of antarctica :: 1911-1914

"The KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience: Julie-O"

speaking at the commonwealth club

"do nothing for two minutes"

SF Mirrors Project

"i love charts"


come play with the custom egg-maker!

"Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma"

"the douche" :: from Human Planet

"SF to Paris in Two Minutes"

dancing at the apple store

"interactive 3D model of the solar system"

"blind gamer plays zelda by ear" :: from wired

"access main computer"

Live 4 Sendai :: online fundraiser

"what's up" from Jorge and Alexa Narvaez

"make some noise" :: new beastie boys

wonder con ("comic con's baby brother")

beautiful music making machine in the woods

"tempest freerunning academy"

just another tumblr :: "sad stuff on the street"

"Los Reyes Magos de Oriente NO EXISTEN"

"letters of note"

"everybody poops" :: Black Eyed Peas' new video

Skittles Touch Vids and BBDO Toronto

"art of the title" :: silver screen titles through the ages


awesome low-tech visual effects :: music video

Incredible video of Aurora Borealis

"a black box, a red button" :: magic machines in paris

"haunting images of detroit's decline"

"way out" :: roald dahl's television show

"this one time" :: animation by nelson boles

Mario Bros as first person shooter

NYC Timelapse video

photographs of Holi

"Chatroulette Love Song"

how to help in japan :: architecture for humanity

"Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary!"

animated "inception" :: in 60 seconds

steampunk bugs

"Gareth Bale Animation. Tottenham vs Inter Milan"

SKIN: A Mortal Work of Art, by Shelley Jackson

how 1910 thought of 2010

chilean bike race :: viewed from the bike

"if we don't remember me"

the book surgeon :: Brian Dettmer

Pierre Hebert's Lost Negatives

2564 frames per second

Todd Mclellan's photographs of disassembly

"hundreds of tourist photos"

"a sequence of lines consecutively traced by five hundred individuals"

NYC's subway map

"Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas"

kanye west's "monster" + sesame street monsters

3D without glasses

"sword dance and shadowgraph"

the great gatsby :: for NES

slo-mo running

a frog dance!

360 Video of World Record Dodgeball Game

it's shelley duvall! many, many times!

"everything is a remix"

"The Thomas Beale Cipher"

"if filmmakers directed the super bowl"

Lost Boys is Michael

2.5 min documentary about a motorcycle maker

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation


"hoppers in venice"

"Run DMC + Cossack Dance

where in the world is facebook (not)

"Elizabeth & the Catapult"

underwater sculptures

"Project Space Planes!"

dream illustrator

"movies i don't remember"

"water sculpture"

"combo" a collaborative animation by BLU and David Ellis

crowd helps out during national anthem

"dancers among us" :: photos of dancers in daily life

"human pixels"

"the deep" :: by PES

"Whistler Blackcomb XXS" :: a tilt-shifted ski village

"idiot with a tripod" :: the snowpocalypse by jamie stuart

scribbler app for the ipad!!!!!

"a random resolution for 2011"

"share some candy" :: a collection of illustrations

"you got served on the roof" :: fiddler meets "you got served"

octopuses vs. octopi :: from merriam-webster

Looking back :: in 90 seconds

"train of thought" :: a short animation

a rainbow machine

PLZ Help me find someone awesome!

"25 years of christmas"

"come on eileen" for string quartet

mirror effect on driving footage makes for an awesome video

"movie laugh supercut"

"the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland" :: a music video by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..." :: a compilation

"Ladybug plays with sprinkles"

"Mapping America" :: from the NYTimes

"milkcrate digest" :: a blog about milkcrates

mashup :: Rudolph + the Police's Roxanne

collaborative music projects :: "inbflat" and "marker music"

ferrell and reilly do bowie and crosby :: "little drummer boy"

squirrel obstacle course

incredible new interactive music video :: “Utsushi Kagami (Mirror)” from Sour

"Zeitgeist 2010" :: how we searched in 2010, from Google

December 8, 1980 :: NYC radio scan

"Fake it!" :: a diving video

in memory of john lennon :: "imagine"

"doodling in math class" :: vi hart will teach you math

new pogo remix :: "whisperlude"

a crazy cute "young me, now me" stop-motion extravaganza

rolling stones' "gimme shelter" deconstructed

"wtf posters" from creative overflow

georgia's aquarium

design battle

plastic bag ballerina

footage from a high-speed train

a thanksgiving weekend of cute cats

"killing hipsters"

fun photoshop projects

Natasha and Lucky go to Haiti

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"

wonderful puppetry experiement usinng Kinect

help Karin with Khristmas

arcade fire + spike jonze = "the suburbs"

"concrete misplots" :: bizarre houses designed by computer glitches

"quantitative easing explained" :: also, tom cruise

"the scale of the universe"

"many too small boxes and maru"

"editing the dead" :: a choose your own zombie adventure

"Stacking" in Spain

OK Go :: "Last Leaf"

"the museum of broken relationships"

abandoned cities :: new orleans and pripyat

Bing! (Groundhog Day Remix) :: a Pogo tribute

"advice of strangers" :: marc horowitz's new project

autobot to debunk global warming skeptics

new pogo video :: more brilliance from animation mash-up master

google outsources demo videos

"a typographic anatomy lesson"

charlie chaplin time traveler

best. costume. ever. :: "the Earth if the Earth Was a Sandwich"

"Inspire Me"

a gizmodo proposal

"pictures of muslims wearing things"

more awesome pumpkins!!!

"history pin"

"it gets better" :: LGBTQ youth

"thrush" :: a story told in pictures

my fav pumpkin so far...

"Dictaphone Parcel"

pumpkin me!!!!

"Paganini for Face"

TED Talk :: Emotion on the Web

"Multi-Flower" :: a math game!

the johnny cash project

"out of sight" :: new animation

Childhood Walk Podcast :: from" Quirky Nomads"

what to do in an emergency landing? :: CNN says sing the chillout song

Real Life Tron

like mom like dad :: be in a book!

"Hi Sally" :: Sally Menke

"God Loves Poetry"

unicorn vs. narwal AND the story of north america ::

Philippe Gentry's marionette :: puppet liberation

advertising put to good use :: "the positive posters project"

electric literature :: rick moody and adam thompson

OK GO new video :: "White Knuckles"

Animation with an iPad

EyeWriter Initiative

Roadside Haikus :: John Morse


alain delorme: totems

James Hance :: "Relentlessly Cheerful Art"

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Richard McGuire :: "Micro Loup"

Goodwerks Creative

Avett Brothers :: "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promises"

rain dance

Cee Lo :: a retrospective

Stinson Beach Bubbles

Live for Pakistan

Wilderness Downtown :: Arcade Fire & Google


The Oregon Trail

Glass House Conversations

the age of uncertainty :: "ordinary lives"


Indian Mallakhamb Gymnastics

OK Cupid :: "don't be ugly by accident"

how to be alone :: andrea dorfman

Ratatat :: the drugs :: new video

super sad true love story, you lost me there, and five (more) books

radiolab "moments"

Stealing Beauty :: an Ikea film

Big Bang by BLU

"made up"

our reading list

1000 Awesome Things

ken nordine

if you like little red books... here is a nice little video about a little red book

walking across the (entire) country! (stop-mo)

remember when we met?

cleaning a bridge w/ graffiti

cute skateboard animation

i'm hiring!

Guillaume Nery :: free diver

Aldebaran Robotics Nao Robot (dancing)

"Off the Charts"


i have a $10 gift certificate to iTunes

"Oh Mary" by theresa andersson

busker :: dubfx :: 'MADE'

chillout :: the story of the making of the song

terry border at GEL

love dan and dan!

illegal drugs

why we hear about babies raised by wolves

chillout via bandcamp

remixing Alice In Wonderland

pixels (patrick jean)

bill murray on technology

"i dance this way"

chatroulette improv

strange russian singer :: the remix

FutureStates :: Play

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

The SandPit

need some insight on death and remembrance in the digital age

My favorite quote at the moment...

frog fail - you gotta try (harder)

the future of games and reality and weirdness and points and things like that

places to go :: pigeon on a subway

pain_pack featured in UK's metro!

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) | Embrace Life

pain_pack :: new project

a childhood walk

still getting fan mail for my 52 to 48 project!

memari! :: my first iphone app!

last challenge!

brief history of the US involvement in the afghanistan war

rodney mullen - two videos :: one from 1984, and some more recent footage

challenge #2 :: help a charity win $20K!

vocoders now officially connect everything to everything...

"whole" - a pain pack song

very cute duet!

pain pack

yet again - a stop motion piece that re-invents the medium

procrastination :: beautifully done

wait for the awesome!

challenge 1 :: shadow letters

new time vid :: brief history of afghanistan

a "short list" of the books that were recommended to me ::

time vid :: on the nobel peace prize

new time vid :: diplomacy

from the "out of hand (cellphone) film festival"

pet project

douglad coupland rips off the earth sandwhich

new time vid :: tea party

new video :: respect

a user created daft punk vid that continues to impress me

if you are in pain, i'd like to use it

jon rubin

an email i received, about death and facebook

The Ascent of Man

new time vid :: socialism

everyday is caturday

birds on the wires

the british library recordings archive

ooo - i love this

a new video for

an article that continues to have an impact on me

send me links

pretty awesome deal

question: lifespan

sand drawing

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin


Paul Hawken's Commencement Address

that makes me think of :: black and white

Happy Time

HardTimes :: Five People

if you have time and time

two videos

HardTimes :: Art Hour


my milk toof

HOME :: The Movie

kaguya probe

HardTimes :: HOLE™

fighting fire with fire


dance party :: how to start one

David Shrigley

HardTimes :: Affordable Button

sorry i'm late

auto-tune the news #4

every july...

The Variant :: John August's new short story

HardTimes :: Illusion

mmmmore beat box

The Deck :: Survey

Last Day Dream by Chris Milk

Labuat :: wonderful ambient design site

this just made me laugh....awesome

whoa :: crusade much? :: rumsfeld and powerpoint

HardTimes :: Outsource

Obama ASU Speech

community channel

what makes us happy?

adult friend finder experiment (NSFW)




David Kaplan : Little Red Riding Hood

i made you a free iphone app!

in Bflat :: create your own ambient music using youtube

street poems :: dublin

Days With My Father by Phillip Toledano

why i think jonah peretti is awesome

love this idea :: blackout poetry

parkour on a bike (trial bike)

pick the perp

electric stimulus to face :: the musical

fold it... protein folding puzzles to help our computer overlords understand us better

try and try again :: baby squirrel video

twitter telepathy :: sort of

Philips Carousel Commercial

fox anchor shep smith


wolf in stop motion clothin

tween bots

plain ol fun

Sean Pecknold

Eli's Dirty jokes

little red riding hood revamp

the seed



thanks :)

two wonderful stop-action films

5 Ways 'Common Sense' Lies To You Everyday


happy anniversary sports racers!


charlie bit me

one more from immi

imogen heap, her upcoming ep, and her online goings-on

Have you had the dream?

amazing (ly awful) action sequence

Sita Sings the Blues

i like these alot


so awesome

just back from a trip


thing-a-day is underway

dirty keys...

vik muniz

a nice implementation of a contribution-based clock

Happy "I Wish You Were My Valentine" Day

Layer Tennis Starts Today!

want to help make a dragon?

spilled coffee all over my laptop

walmart takes america

modular robots

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie


voice draw update

want to try something hard? voice drawing....

Books By Emotion #1: Lovingly Sad Happy

James Joseph (Jay) Kaplan

very big picture of the inauguration

thinking about lists of books

next 50

Microsoft Songsmith Remixes

We're all Gonna Die


Story from North America


You Have to Burn The Rope

and Play With Spider

picture me

two books I highly recommend

vintage ads

some things die young

1930s daredevil

Ben Gleib

electrabel new years ad

Play Auditorium

wishing you the bestest holidays...

the awesome book

pictures for sad children

label the world

if you have an iPod

till the new year

f*ck you penguin

still moving...


sorry to be out of touch

happy thanksgiving

munchkin cats



does it detract from its value?

bike guitar hero

some ugliness behind borat

shark poop

R.I.P. Miriam Makeba


clarity from the nozzle

vetting for an obamajob



tracking the flu

love the colored pencil logs


52to48 update


From 52 to 48 with love

Congratulations President Barack Obama

i'm callin it


just voted

Election Haikus

i'm sorry

"Barack America" : Biden

question for you : the American Dream

in case you need some big brother posters

lovingly created :: script tease

the hoax

multicolr search lab

oh my

flickr memory

the dos and donts of campaign speeking

polling data for junkies

Jason Hackenwerth :: balloons

let me introduce you to Matthias Wandel

if you live in NY...start folding


can i show you something?


2 Americas

decider tees

some help

so this is what it comes to ::

Gauranty of Bank Deposits addicted to this little game

how remarkable this must have been's a game with ducks in it

you = research subject

shape note singing

let's try another one

siskel and ebert

collection of vids to make you feel better

disney and fabuloso friday


a long ass walk :: AfricaTrek

a children's song for adults :: anxiety

das jobbing

so i wanna try something

memory game

picture book 2.0


rainbows and this country's demise

two slam poets you may not know

a demo...

Inflatable Bag Monsters

hater's ball

a little help?

more frailty

24 hour trip to NY


stumpy movie

a project you could help with

vacation is officially over


only two weeks of vacation left!

haven't seen something like this for a while

need a little help

i'm still on vacation

Randy Pausch RIP

ear piece.


a nice way to think about limited editions

jumping out of vacation mode to share this

what i did last month

"selling out"

so...the test was a pfffft

back scratching

taking a little vacation :)

ok - perhaps a quick test? :: what can you make with $20

charity idea revised


what shall i do with the rational triggers?

a fun charity idea


trying hard

the harvest

anderson cooper wants to be your boo

roller coaster

rational triggers for the emotoself

another idea

a thesis idea

for dinner:

biggest drawing in the world

i have another question

thanks for your stories

the Lost Sport

amazing pics of a volcano


would love your story

man babies

carrot mob

a call to action on a pair of copyright bills

wall animation

planet douche



rock band

of course it's in san fran

Green Porno

city of shadows

spelling vigilantes

a nice moment

street view directions

Man vs. Gator!

a paper.

the legacy of the pankegg

Staff Benda Bilili

the meme.


"'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett"

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

the showtime project

dude! : US army develops robotic suits



stewart on the "bitter" remark

Leningrad Cowboys culture mash up

Toothpaste For Dinner

really great idea

Nerd Rap Battle

ahh - the wii finally matures

an oldie but a goodie! COOOKIE!!!

Fifa Street Tricks


just finished



stop motion battle :: Tony vs. Paul

playing bingo tomorrow


in the name of safety

David Horvitz

Efraim Diveroli

the awareness test

don't be square

rap graphs

PBS series online

this is what i looked like when i was little:

daily monster book

ideas for colorwar games

colorwar 2008


"the future is text"


on twitter, in case you are

anniversary presents

happy anniversary sports racers!

if you like books

happy st.pat's day

Jill Taylor - TED video


Food Fight

President Bush at the Gridiron Club's Annual Spring Dinner

SXSW mp3s

Meet Spitzer's girl

Ashley Dupré's Myspace Page

of mooks and midriffs

searching for it

only 5K?

fancast beta

using youtube for change

Design and the Elastic Mind


so good

brains and scrambled eggs

predictably irrational

from fernando with quieted love

Wild Animals

more for parents

I could say day, and youd say night

for all you parents :

paper mind

that's how you endorsement!

another addiction

oh yeah

glass music

love in a backwards world

the Germans wore grey...


life in 5

come on- that's the best you can do?


polar bear

the worst?

chocolate love

sorry for the silence

grand central

Thing a Day

audience :: some answers

a fun time sink

What We Can Be

in the meantime

little homunculi

Domestic Vacations

the guardian looks into the facebook conspiracy

all my exes

a single thin line

two new dear mobby's

an interesting pair of short readings

a clean well lighted place



Traveler IQ challenge


give yourself the gift of snitch

Louis Theroux

Medical myths


its a wonderful internet

xmas carol maker :: e-card maker

MIT OpenCourseWare

Beats Of Boredom

Magic Highway USA

the vegetable orchestra :: more vegetable music

Les Quatre Cents Coups

Big Broccoli Ocarina:Angels We Have Heard On High

One day merch sale

What's Your Problem

A Sixties Look at Online Shopping 1999

keeping us company

Flickr Memory Game

Trapped in a cube


Gonzales named lawyer of the year

the red wheelbarrow


Incredible Water & Fire

To the Drunk Hottie who fell off my motorcycle

talking scribble

still on jury duty :: deliberating

on trajan

Animal Collective Rabbit Music Video

How It All Ends

Gabe & Max's Internet Thing

still on jury duty

John & Yoko :: Imagine Peace "War Is Over" Message

book now!

awed job keeps us company

songs you already know :: great :: video by shawn

world's fastest clapper and 100 numbers

Don Pettit : Space Chronicles

some help needed

NASA bubbles

The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses

goodie bag tv

Here Comes Another Bubble - The Richter Scales

140 story

how we met

wii fit parody

take wood? we smash car

keeping us company

L.A. Animal Services Commercial

The best job

early new year's resolution

A is for Alphie

songs you already know :: great

safety bike

Brylcreem's Effortless TV Ad


phone calls


the male condition

widgetbox :: miniracer

a couple from tim and eric

dylan moran on rumsfeld, the french


animatio shorts

paper animation

laws laws laws

there's a there there

ad slogan hall of fame.

on feeling uninspired


its still the same old story

chasing the whistle blowers?

buy me :: scared

while i'm at it

keeping us company

39 year old gal

making the milk

nasty nasty hotels

crayon physics

human dandelion



two new stories

water pipes and pimp suits

I feel that's fairly much english.


from the archive


more stories

two new dear mobbys


being poor sucks

"a hobby"

the male condition

back to school

lest you forgot steve martin's banjo skills

on addictions and healthy rhythms

time piece

childhood, theft and falling idols

strike #2

a story made for us by derek

more mobby

all in one place

keeping us company :: vanae


for monday

friday links

featuring harry the horse

eating your beans

songs you already know : scared

meeting sym

layer tennis

buzz lightning

mixed ending

that's how you keep each other company


not sure if its true:

more hugs

thank you


strike day

help the brother out

the NYC

the prosthetics market is energized

Dear Mobby #1 and #2 (or #3 and #4)

I love ya'll (sic) and I'm gonna miss ya'll (sic).

black swans

third from the right is my favorite

one hour i'll never get back

dear mobby

last minute halloween

what i thought the site was about

more advice

crowd sourced advice column

the duck and i

please offer your advice

"the smartest money you'll spend in your life"

when rove takes a nap

"a new kind of physician"

in the library


the wizard bear

million little keyframes

fell like jeff buckley


fer you


steinbrennar donates the yankees to charity

dirty walls

Ms. Head

notre dame

Randy Pausch


rarely do i play tucker carlson clips

ahh the release

the freeze tag moment.

our future

JTag to your mutha

no worky

where am i going with my life?

that's how you cover



this vs. that

use the pencil tool

the bees

before the bald

fo the kids vol.2

truly magnolia

fo the kids

we still don't suck at life

for those in NY

thumbs up.

ha ha ha

dig it


can't help it

on making choices

watching cspan

here kitty kitty. oh shit.

just finished

bo dee dup

bathing in what you already believe


a darker resource

phantom high school

i dig this guy

yourspace not myspace

uh oh.


Dave's house


dear #1 fan:

there goes the neighborhood...literally

ugly ducklings

105 feet tall

over the top

with a little help from allen

merlin mann

let me stick it in your ear?

my body is a cage

when i was a young boy

50 years from now.

like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

ain't got no clothes

"and you are my fellow americans"

snowflakes out of a dog's butt


on well-chosen foes

remarkable career

don't discount me because i'm 90

an event

biology class must be more fun now

lonely pretty



from fensler


on posting first

fun behind the scene shot

bunnies made of cheese

boing boing without the digirati

hello america

i was left with ham & egg pie

11 babies :: 0 drops

here be anthropomorphic dragons

nostalgia for detail


grainy tastes good


mai tai is better than your thai


why put "girlfriend" in quotes?

more design porn

"bursting with joy"

between the panels

point of ultimate contrition


what's that in my drumstick?

all the songs from the show


anything by Baudrillard

a big fish opens up his mouth

a nice distraction

when public servants have a sense of humor

blah blah


wish i could see them a bit bigger

stumpy the collaborative music video

not so giant...but potent

roto beauty

There was a big sex.



what youtube was made fer

jo co rulez

not sure why this hits me

this made me laugh

the unfortunate

not sure why this makes me feel strange...

almost sell-able

right on.

data viz art

educational purposes


upside down

lovely and underwatched

if i only had those hands


for tomorrow

all in one place

now that's how you origami!

i think "bad ass" covers it.

just begun

mesmerized me

wish i could see this in person

its the details that scare me

if you like puppets...not hats

meaning of life

sweet nerd

i love this guy

that's right - optimism

i can't help it

lil monsters

my apologies

motion graphics

daily monster

a genius of sorts

stranely wonderful


really excellent idea

disturbing but beautiful

just watched this

little superstar?

browse these

from katie salen

happy week




Time disconnecting the dots

an old article coming back to haunt

great articly on creative thought (ultimately)

cohen's controversial article

convervative conservative

from a friend of a friend

more parkour


from barnett


i'm proud of you.

take care the laws be executed faithfully

earth sandwich


no pattern

net neutrality

i want to see this

crazy robot vehicle


management theories

excellent article on google in china


a weekend's dose of knowledge

SHOW - 04-20-06

SHOW - 04-19-06

good article

today's thingy

here is this thing i seem to do in the mornings

freedom day

nicely done


brain man


just don't draw your name...

thinking? sort of...



i want one



a nice list

reminding you

another music filter


another music filter

evabudy lika da

great work

bizarre marketing dollars spent

today has

bring your coffee

thinking about

smells like knowledge

the power of the web

he he

loved it

lest we froget

bday truth

anutha frog review



kids today...

cool qwerty rings and bad uses of flash

more truth

layered x

pandora music

the source

from myself to yourself

on the theme of illusion

in cape cod this morning

its truth time

this makes me edgy


tell me if it works for you...


reminding you

from Jacksonville

french doors

as you might have guessed

thought i wouldn't make it?

suck-a-thumb and others

remote reporting from me

the world today

annie don't give a crap about ja interview

today's goings ons

try drawing "irony"


bad ass role play

oh boy




update on op swarmer


everything that matters

d & t

sense of place

something you could help with

the third bubble's my fav

filed under "transition of power" on CNN

just jon

big time

back again

strange game like thing

cubicle carl


the "h" in role.

bad cat


macc sum musacc

bliss diss

interesting modular toy

oh my.


beware the hordes

new pics of the chinese panda babies


more jays

an idea

meditation flowers

a guy named jay

pretty nicely done novelty site

imitating art



art hack

microsoft iPod


another call

my birthday

a business opportunity



indaba treasures_1

my risk

hung over

on speed and safety

fun application


buster douglas


this is fantastic - thanks lydia

on life

new movie


valentines day


a preview

pix from above

this made me giggle

good read

this is a new cat

at least for the moment


great cheap QTVR experiment

by the way

2 things...

if you liked strandbeest

made me crack up

if your in NY

a short clip


must read



just back from honduras

see you when the world sheds its skin

message intercepted

nice place to visit once in a while

a present for you

from a DVD i'm in...

"poses for a picture"

really excellent idea

a new project

great gift for the holidays

for those who've been scammed

so much for flash mobs

for those planning a feast of lights this holiday

help me

alien performance art

information letters...or hate mail?


so sad

now we can all be friends

other worldly


server switch

daily excercises

this helps


big props...great work

lil hep


rants are good

i believe

machinima talk show

lbaby porcupines

inside hack

a plea

nice site for folks in need of some audio curation

deadline is today


a testimonial - though i'm not sure what the last line means...


something i'd like to do

need an entertainment lawyer

made a better string spin...i'm addicted

love this tune : and the album

quick experiment i did

sing along songs

got 60 -70 hrs to spare?

just watch

fun film

recipe cards

the obsession continues

this one's for the kids...

not for the children

the contest is truckin


very cool - but too much dough

for those interested


flippin' genius


another nice participatory project

some participatory projects

neat shorts


the coolest thing ever

condi chords

on making

nice project

love letter to condi


won a rubber arrow

some new movies

short film competition

mebbe you could help

summary of SXSW




look ma, i been nominated

shockwave first person shooter

just saw a documentary on this - wild stuff

fun little cartoon on gaming culture

sxsw interactive

Zest Riddle


Make Mag

Consumers' Union's awesome advocacy animation


back from TED


Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005)

some drawings from the scribbler robot

DIY Science Toys for Kids

cute idea


Gigapixel project

Wooden automata -- hand-crank animations

lo-res flea circus


God spelled backwards

No Pants!

hitch trailer

fun lil game

Coat with static quills that stand up and shoot lighting when wearer is threatened


happy v-day from me - a short film

Bush's Manhood: An Assessment

Valentine's Day, Onion style

another great project


his dark materials

pretty good deal

John Cleese's Letter to the US

Kinetic junk-sculptures straight out of a Road Runner toon

Google maps


a guy named gal

Augmented reality demo video: mindblowing

an apology and a short film


Blind painter

yup - its late

got film?

free running

happy new year

a little toy for the holidays!

yup - obsession is the right word

more flower fun

another toy

2 excellent links

communication skills #1


please post links in the comments to cheer me up

some minor ramblings



are you reading this?

something else


this old thing?


you know your depressed when this doesn't make you laugh



Bea afraid, Bea very afraid

they're heeeeeeere

fast food net

b-room redding

tell me



soundy cloth

this day


A New Day