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beckstra 03-04-2003 11:23 PM

This is the thread where everyone is random.
The finger nail on my left middle finger is not only longer than the rest of my fingernails altogether, it is extrEEmly long.

Apple juice smells like baby pee.

noxxville 03-05-2003 12:07 AM

Eating Thin Mints in a smoky room makes everything smell like pot.

rmr 03-05-2003 01:08 AM

i'm still having thoughts of billy elliot dancing.......

rmr 03-05-2003 01:17 AM

hmmmmm, thought Peg was trying to tell me something. Had to re-read the thread....

noxxville 03-05-2003 01:37 AM

They always try to make dog food look good to humans in the commercials...like you'll see it and and say "Damn! That looks good. I bet Fido wants some of that!"

1kookykat 03-05-2003 01:51 AM

Boop boop boo
Voodle-a rack-a-sackey
Boop boop boo
Voodle-a rack-a-sackey
Boop boop boo . . .

And they swam and they swam right over the dam

beckstra 03-05-2003 02:02 AM

I have no idea where my butt is.

Deviate 03-05-2003 02:16 AM

the way this stuffed ostrich is sitting it looks like its left leg is missing.

i think green being the symbolic colour of nature must be saddening to all the other colours that work very hard to perpetuate nature's plan.

i think my right nostril is rebeling against me.


lapietra 03-05-2003 04:42 AM

My cat sat in something greasy.
I just let him lick milk out of the palm of my hand. It felt nice. :)

chuckie egg 03-05-2003 09:44 AM

Of course I cant check it!

I need a guitar.

chuckie egg 03-05-2003 09:47 AM

Now for pudding, chips and gravy.

RuneT 03-05-2003 10:01 AM

what the **** am I going to buy her for her birthday?

Frieda 03-05-2003 10:13 AM


Originally posted by RuneT
what the **** am I going to buy her for her birthday?
who's her?

(or was this random too?)

beckstra 03-05-2003 10:52 AM

How many dates does it take to fill a bowl?

Zyle 03-05-2003 11:25 AM

why don't these cola cubes have that squidgy stuff in the middle? Dissappointment...

dinzdale 03-05-2003 11:42 AM

How come we all seem to be experts in identifying animal excrement?
If we tread in something, we instantly say "dog" shit, when in fact it could be from any small mammal....unless of course we have witnessed the incident.

rmr 03-05-2003 12:10 PM

I've been wondering, does god ask the Pope to dress like this and if he did what exactly did god say?

I mean did god tell someone way back when..."thou shalt wear freaky clothes that flow, and shimmer, and shine and thou will be closer to me"

I mean who is really to say that maybe god prefers jeans, I don't know. Maybe he feels when someone has jeans on they're more approachable. I mean if I were god I'd be intimated by the outfit, or at I'd have good laugh.

Zyle 03-05-2003 12:13 PM

I wish I had clothes like his. hehehe :D

amanda 03-05-2003 01:21 PM

Why is it always impossible to stab maraschino cherry with the straw out to get it off the bottom of the glass of a Cherry Coke?

And why is it I always try anyway?

dinzdale 03-05-2003 01:27 PM

Would the Trojans have had a war if Helen's face, instead of "launched a thousand ships" had "shipped a thousand lunches" ?

Deviate 03-05-2003 01:30 PM

my lips hurt.


AllegroNg 03-05-2003 01:35 PM

& I have no mojo:'(

amanda 03-05-2003 01:40 PM

what is considered mistreatment to oysters? and why is it illegal in Maryland?

Frieda 03-05-2003 02:58 PM

i have to pee tomorrow

zenbabe 03-05-2003 03:03 PM

belly buttons are kind of funny looking...no?

Red Princess 03-05-2003 03:12 PM

if he doesn't start answering his email i am going to have to kick his ass

zenbabe 03-05-2003 03:28 PM

What is wrong with just buying more clothes to get out of doing laundry anyway...

Red Princess 03-05-2003 03:31 PM


Originally posted by zenbabe
What is wrong with just buying more clothes to get out of doing laundry anyway...
nothing, it is my whole philosophy

do i really have to do back ups today?

noxxville 03-05-2003 03:54 PM

Are the animals that act as appliances for the Flinstones jealous of Dino?

zefrank 03-05-2003 04:14 PM

i found beckstra's butt in my soup

Frieda 03-05-2003 04:15 PM

lol ze :D

i want to shit on pigeons

noxxville 03-05-2003 04:15 PM

there are crumbs in my keyboard

Red Princess 03-05-2003 04:17 PM

my laser printer secretly hates me

noxxville 03-05-2003 04:36 PM

Baby powder makes my butt feel happy

Red Princess 03-05-2003 04:47 PM

do grad schools still print catalogs?

Zyle 03-05-2003 04:54 PM

why don't the little candy letters taste nice any more, even though they look exactly like i remember them?

Frieda 03-05-2003 04:58 PM

why isn't my cam working?

Deviate 03-05-2003 05:27 PM

why don't i have a nickname?


dinzdale 03-05-2003 05:31 PM

You do now - check out your Indian name.

zenbabe 03-05-2003 05:40 PM

wow, the speakers work if they are plugged into the right port...

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