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Deviate 06-02-2003 03:41 PM

Saffron is one of the hottest names i've ever heard. ever. i always wanted to know that chick that Donovan was singing about in Mellow Yellow that he was so mad about.

dinzdale 06-02-2003 03:56 PM

That chick had really bad acne....hence Mellow Yellow...QED

Frieda 06-02-2003 05:36 PM


The name of *none of your business* creates an easy-going, good-natured personality, meeting and mixing easily. You appreciate the company of others, to the point that you do not like to be by yourself for very long.
that's opposite of the walnut tree theory. hmmm.


You are gifted with natural expression, both verbal and musical, but you would find it tedious to study music and practice theory.
not musical. or well, maybe, i've never tried.


Anything that involves concentration or just plain hard work, you prefer to avoid as best you can. Although you have many creative, original ideas, procrastination is your worst enemy because you can seldom make decisions and carry them out.
now this part is absolutely true! i am so lazy.


In your desire to gain the favour of others and to keep peace, because you abhor friction, you change your opinion to agree with those at hand.
not true


It is easy for you to express love and affection, but you would have to watch that your emotional nature does not get the better of you and lead you to indiscretions which you would later regret.
hmmm.. ok, i'll keep that in mind


A desire for sweet, rich foods could create skin problems, overweight, or you could suffer weakness across the back, or possibly a liver ailment.
i've had my share of skin problems, i have a back weakness, and the liver ailment will probably arrive in a couple of years.. poop.

red 06-02-2003 07:47 PM


Originally posted by malina
girl: paulina

boy: kai (pronounced like "buy" with a "k")

Makes me think of Kai's power tools.
Heh, he's a tool.

agentsmith 06-02-2003 11:15 PM

name the boy brian or mordred.

Frieda 06-03-2003 04:01 AM

sabre for a girl

chuckie egg 06-03-2003 08:13 AM

Girl: Rachel
Boy: Joshua

I know someone who named they're little girl Destiny Nevaeh (heaven backwards) thats kinda cool

Frieda 06-03-2003 09:02 AM

why not name your child Hell? that's the opposite of heaven too.. :p

RuneT 06-03-2003 09:12 AM

Rune is nice!

dinzdale 06-03-2003 10:00 AM


Originally posted by RuneT
Rune is nice!
Rune is a girls name.

agentsmith 06-03-2003 10:19 AM

it is?

RuneT 06-03-2003 10:25 AM

It's an old viking name. Male. Dinz is just jealous :p

agentsmith 06-03-2003 10:27 AM

ah. i liked vikings untill i saw a movie called eric the viking. awful movie. funny, though.

agentsmith 06-03-2003 07:36 PM

ummm...it flew at the end...

agentsmith 06-03-2003 07:49 PM

only at the end.

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