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nycwriters 09-30-2004 04:26 AM


Anybody watching this? It's pretty fantastic two episodes in... it's on ABC. If you haven't seen it, they're airing the first two episodes on Saturday.

There's so many levels to the writing, lots of plot twists.

Anyone else liking it?

zenbabe 09-30-2004 04:42 AM

I need to get cable STAT. I am having withdrawls....

zenbabe 05-19-2005 04:20 AM

I am so addicted to this show, the thing that trips me out is that there are like, lost extras on the island....

Hermione 05-19-2005 05:02 AM

dude i'm so excited for next week. i wonder who the "others" are. did they every say who ethan is? i wonder if he is part of the "others"

Hermione 05-19-2005 05:03 AM

and what the heck is up with the security system? sounded like a dinosaur

zenbabe 05-19-2005 07:46 PM

Maybe its the polar bear?

I can't wait until next week either!!

on another note..Quentin Tarantino is directing the finale of CSI tonight and the original batman and joker from the old tv show are going to be on it! (the joker guy just kicked recently)

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