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priceyfatprude 06-28-2005 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by sparticle
:) See what I mean? There's no real way to follow this; "meaningless" is so subjective. One person's "I know" could be their personal manifesto, containing a microcosm of incisive significance, and another person (like me, f'rinstance) might come up with all kinds of amazingly complex bullshit and really just be saying, "Yeah, yeah". heh heh heh

And apparently, sometimes by not posting "me too" or "not me" no one knows where you stand & assumes you are ok w/it. :rolleyes:

Frieda 06-29-2005 03:20 PM

assumptions are the cause of most ****ups!

Saxifrage 06-30-2005 06:36 PM


a microcosm of incisive significance
What a lovely phrase, I like it :)

sparticle 07-01-2005 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by Saxifrage
What a lovely phrase, I like it :)

heh -- thanks. I made it myself with some spare words I just had lying around my brain. ;)

red 07-18-2005 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by trisherina
I have been horrified by almost every regular user's behaviour (with the exception of Frieda, I think) at one time or another -- and that includes zero's, and that includes my own. When this happens, about 70% of the time I "say something" either privately or publicly. I like pretty much everyone most of the time -- but not when there's deliberate nastiness. Not then.

I know that everyone has their reasons for their hurts and grievances, and some of them go a long ways back. However, I do wish they could be put aside for the sake of creative expression. How possible this is, I don't know, but I do know that creative expression is almost impossible when people fear being mocked or sniped at with every post they make. I also know that I've been really mad at people, and been able to get over it, without even all that much effort.

As for zero, I've "known" him privately online for what? a couple of years?, and despite my being very very married, have never felt in the least bit threatened by any of our interactions. (At this point snake will interject that I'm simply not attractive, but she doesn't scare me either.) :p I have great big boundaries, and they're always out there like highway signs. I am not concerned that anyone is going to be able to cross them, anytime soon.


not me, I'm lovely.

trisherina 07-18-2005 01:40 PM

Stop flirting with me.

Audreyvgs 07-18-2005 03:05 PM

im laughin, thinkin about "a microcosm of incisive insignificance"

not that im bein negative, its just so me.

red 07-18-2005 03:14 PM


Clytie 07-19-2005 01:25 PM

while i have said what i think already...i feel like i want to say it again. practice the golden rule...we all should be fine from there on out *smiles and cartwheels*

one thing i love---if a thread is active long enuff someone WILL make out in it ;)

xfox 07-20-2005 01:28 AM

^^he who has the gold makes the rules.

but, who listens?

*falls arms and legs akimbo while attempting a cartwheel*

Seriously there's a storm threatening and I gotta go or get zapped.

Love you all!

NimbleMarmoset 07-20-2005 12:09 PM

^ ^ ^ is Emily :eek: paying you a visit? you're in my prayers

xfox 07-20-2005 11:26 PM

^^It wasn't Emily, but lots of lightening and thunder in the Piedmont on NC.

Thanks for asking though!

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