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River 10-09-2002 10:18 PM

Random morning thoughts
I wake up, perhaps I'll look at a shoe on the floor and think to myself "Shoe face in a bag"... And at this point I don't even question the random phrase. Oh yes, shoe face in a bag, but of course. And most of the time I actually repeat the phrase over and over in my head, usually in some sort of rhythm

"Shoe face in a bag, shoe face in a bag, shoe face in a bag, shoe face in a bag"

untill finally I stop and think.... WHAT?!

This only happens when I've been woken up by an alarm or some other outside interference, especially if I didn't get much sleep.

Hehe, I just thought I'd share. I find it terribly amusing.

So, does this sound familiar to any of you?

lapietra 10-09-2002 11:59 PM

melody loop
I *used* to become conscious of cool melodies looping in my head, sometimes while I was awake, sometimes in dreams... this was before I had any serious musical training...and before minimalism became as mainstream as it has. Every once in awhile I'd remember to write them down - but never did anything with them - now I don't know where they are and I don't get the melodies as much anymore. Oh well. :)

katester 10-10-2002 01:10 AM

actually, for me, morning time is time with 'lack of thought'... as in, complete utter lack of thought. I'll be brushing my teeth with anti-bacterial soap and usually not notice until I get home and smell my toothbrush (and my breath- ick!).
A more better question (yes, i graduated, really, don't mind the bad english, its what they teached me) is random night thoughts... like when it gets around maybe 4 am, and you've been sitting watching random people rant about something completely worthless on late night television for about 2 hours... their unkempt beard crawling with who knows what bouncing up and down... up and down... up and down...
up and down...
and ....
yea, so anyway- i almost made a site called nomadthoughts.com, and every late night sit down and write whatever goes through my head, and according to witnesses, is very intersting and odd. Personally, I don't remember any of it.
But to answer your question:

bealeblues 10-10-2002 12:09 PM

i've had the random thoughts invade my morning consciousness (or lack thereof) before-- it usually happens to me most often when people call me at 3:30 am though-- i've said all kinds of things on the phone, like "you can't steal my pancakes b/c i hid them under my seat"... my idiot friends call me every now and then just to hear what i'll say next (before i realize what's going on and i cuss them out)

NekoPunk 10-10-2002 03:44 PM

a few days ago, i was really trying to write this paper of homosexuality and themes in shakespeare, right? right. and, i have a tendancy to talk in my sleep.. a lot, actually. (yes, these are related, just gimme a sec ^_~)

right, so, i was finishing my paper, and wrote the phrase "...themes of homosexuality run rampant...". my roommate came by and started laughing really hard, and i'm all, "what's funny?" (y'know, 'cause it didn't seem weird to me and all... at the time at least) as she was like, "you said that in your sleep last night!!!"

see, i don't have to actually ~wake up~ to say weird things. eh... great? ^_^;;

beckstra 10-10-2002 06:16 PM

Mostly I think to myself, "man, I need me some Otis to make it through the day," then I walk over to my cd player and pop in Otis Redding, and everything comes in clear after that.

zenbabe 10-10-2002 06:48 PM

Why is frieght that is moved on a ship called cargo, and freight that is moved in a car called shipment?


River 10-10-2002 07:18 PM

Neko ~ That's pretty hilarious.

Oh, and Otis Redding is splendid!

NekoPunk 10-10-2002 08:21 PM

hmmm.... splendid is one of those special words. ^__^

red 10-11-2002 12:00 AM

When I wake up it's usually dreams I'm thinking about so my thoughts are very weird.

brittykitty 10-11-2002 01:23 AM

my morning thoughts are always disapointed recollections of my dreams which are far better than my actual life, and always just within the reach of feasable. so i'll think "hey maybe it really happened", but no. never does.

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