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nycwriters 09-30-2003 05:00 PM

$150 MILLION and it's all mine!!!

funkytuba 09-30-2003 05:13 PM

I'd never stay up until 3:30 for work again.

That privilege would stay reserved for my wife, any infant progeny, and quake

(and ZeMonkeys, of course)

Frieda 09-30-2003 05:15 PM

did someone say quake?

with 150 million i'd buy ID software and get those people to release a quake 4..

and donate some to the cancer foundation.

bealeblues 09-30-2003 05:17 PM

i'd do whatever the fvck i wanted.

slurpeedemon 09-30-2003 05:47 PM

travel, self-education and promotion, chocolate factory

RuneT 09-30-2003 06:01 PM

I would get a new battery for the car.

priceyfatprude 09-30-2003 06:19 PM

If you win $150 million, can I borrow, say $15G's? Pocket change for you. :p

I'd quit my job, buy a house w/cash, buy a new car & some puppies. Then I'd hire a bevy of hot houseboys to keep me happy.

Seriously, after shelter & transportation were taken care of, I'd meet w/a financial advisor, put most of it away & make it work for me.

rapscalious rob 09-30-2003 07:09 PM

Hey, nyc --congrads in advance for winning the lotto:p

Letís seeÖ
I wonder what that is after taxes?

Iíd pay off the accumulated family debt,
then Iíd put all the rest into a secure bank account.
1% interest on $150M = $1.5M
Thatís enough to keep me going each year.
Even after taxes, it should be a massive amount of money, compared to what Iím used to.

Then Iíd quit my crappy part-time job, and go back to being an artist.

JesusTitties 09-30-2003 07:41 PM

id buy zefrank.com and turn it to toon porn

priceyfatprude 09-30-2003 07:42 PM

I'd buy JT a beer.

JesusTitties 09-30-2003 07:43 PM

i would buy priceyfatprude

priceyfatprude 09-30-2003 07:46 PM

Come & get it, big boy!

JesusTitties 09-30-2003 07:47 PM

that really shouldnt turn me on, should it.

priceyfatprude 09-30-2003 07:59 PM

But it does, doesn't it....

JesusTitties 09-30-2003 08:01 PM

do you have msn messenger, pfp, i want to send you naked photos of someone

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