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brittykitty 09-18-2002 10:55 PM

lets gets some zefrank.com board faces up here :) i'm not sure if this belongs on the cute animals photos forum, but i'm sure a few of you aren't cute animals right? ok... go!

Ctrl+Alt+Del 09-19-2002 12:16 AM

My "Good boy" look #1A.

zefrank 09-19-2002 02:12 AM

what's a board face?

lapietra 09-19-2002 02:50 AM

board face
Is that sort of like a game face?
Here's my mug shot...

I know, kinda formal... it was either that or bad hair shots... sorry... don't know y'all well enough for that...

Surf 09-19-2002 10:10 AM

word'em up
can't seem to submit the photograph- or else I would.

quintondotcom 09-19-2002 12:43 PM

yeah, i couldn't either. ended up posting a blank white box.

PHPGoddess 09-19-2002 12:46 PM

I think britty kitty meant "message" board faces..like..ours :)

Ctrl+Alt+Del 09-19-2002 01:05 PM

Some Instructions
First and most importantly, be sure that the photo is stored somewhere on the internet.

Second (two steps):

1) Simply type out the full URL to that image (like http://www.yoursite.com/blah/image.jpg) but...

2) On this board be sure to surround that full URL with IMG tags like so... [ IMG ]the URL here[/ IMG ] but remove the spaces from my IMG tags. You can use the "IMG" button to do this IMG thing automatically.

Hope this helps!

ShiMegami 09-19-2002 01:37 PM

And RIGHT when I get a chance to use the photo I uploaded, Geocities kills my account...*Shrugs* Oh well, I look twelve in it anyway.

catfish 09-21-2002 04:06 PM

my "give-me-a-J-O-B" mug
I'm an idiot. I tried to insert my photo, but it didn't work. I'd better stick with my carpet cleaning job..


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