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malina 08-30-2003 05:05 PM

yes i have

have you?

zenbabe 08-30-2003 05:06 PM

Only once, in a dream...

Should I go clean and be productive or sit here and drink and type?

trisherina 08-30-2003 05:17 PM

Go be productive, dammit. I already painted eight deck steps and an outdoor table.

Which do you like better, May long weekend or Labor day weekend?

zenbabe 08-30-2003 05:21 PM

May long weekend, labor day is the official end of summer :(

Should I clean out my shoe closet or go through my clothes and give a ton of it to salvation army?

Perky Pat 08-30-2003 05:39 PM

A: Salivation Army sounds a bit blech. Get rid of all those once-worn shoes.

Q: Choose one: Being blind, being deaf, or being neutered.

Molly 08-30-2003 05:44 PM

Being deaf.

hows this: immortality, or ability to fly?

zenbabe 08-30-2003 05:46 PM

ability to fly for sure!

the spy store or the costume store?

Perky Pat 08-30-2003 05:50 PM

A: I can't answer that, my computer is bugged.

Q: If you were a male stripper, what would your stage name be? And what would it be if you were a female stripper?

malina 08-30-2003 05:53 PM

(1) sorry ass
(2) i wouldn't

do you have any brothers or sisters?

Perky Pat 08-30-2003 05:59 PM

A: One Sister who I've always had, and one Songsister who I've recently acquired.

Q: As a child, what was your favorite toy? And what toy did you really want, but never got?

zenbabe 08-30-2003 06:02 PM

my easy bake oven. I always wanted a pony!

coffee or tea?

Perky Pat 08-30-2003 06:12 PM

A: Coffee please. Irish.

Q: If you woke up tomorrow and you were a bird, who would go peck at first?

malina 08-30-2003 06:15 PM

my hamster, the fvcker! he ate my phone cord....

what's your worst habit?

Perky Pat 08-30-2003 06:36 PM

A: Currently? This.

Q: Who would you cast to play you, in the film of your life?

zenbabe 08-30-2003 07:17 PM

Drew Barrymore

Which is your favorite angel?

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