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trisherina 06-14-2005 12:56 AM

I'm having Friday tonight! Only one more meeting and one stop off on the way home from work, and I'm FREE FREE FREE! To a good home.

NimbleMarmoset 06-17-2005 01:42 PM

i'm gonnna open this place up. . . . then i'm gonna close it down. i'll start with a bloody mary, with Tito's Vodka if you have it Barkeep. And keep 'em comin'

craig johnston 06-17-2005 01:44 PM

tfi friday!

jasmina 06-17-2005 03:07 PM

Happy new year!

zero 06-17-2005 07:52 PM

hi big dogs

what's it to be tonight?

a bottle of whisky?


sawdust on the floor in readiness?

NimbleMarmoset 06-17-2005 07:55 PM

better get the *hiccup* sawdust. . . .

Gatsby 06-17-2005 08:39 PM

Maker's Mark on the rocks with a splash of Coke for color, please!

Brynn 06-18-2005 02:16 AM

I'll have a club soda with a twist, thanks - hey Gatsby, good to see you. I just wanted to say thanks for your patience/wit with me on the "comb" thread every time I forget to put down something new to look for.

Hey barkeep! Could I still get some happy-hour appetizers? Here in the West I think I've still got 20 minutes...I'm really craving those grilled shrimp skewers.

Gatsby 06-18-2005 03:55 AM

No prob, Brynn. Everything's kosher here in the Pub Thread.

Would be even better if I could get a Red Stripe and a few cashews....

NimbleMarmoset 06-24-2005 06:05 PM

Gatsby 06-24-2005 06:15 PM

A round of Maker's for everyone, courtesy of Gatsby!

(Since it's my birthday, I'm feeling particularly generous.)

Frieda 06-24-2005 06:30 PM

cheers gats, to many more happy birthdays! :D

craig johnston 06-24-2005 07:28 PM

that new barkeep looks shady to me

Brynn 06-25-2005 12:58 AM

As long as she keeps 'em coming.
Happy Birthday Gatsby!
It's funny, but I get so immersed in the week that sometimes I actually forget it's Friday, until I see the posts for the Pub and realize with a shock that the weekend is upon me. It's like picking up a five dollar bill in the street! :D

craig johnston 07-01-2005 11:26 AM

a bit short of cash today brynn, but
what it lacks in monetary value, it
makes up for in artistry:


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