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rmr 03-11-2003 11:06 PM

Name that....
.....band or musician that when you were young, you swore you'd never ever ever get sick of and then low and behold you became an adult and you did?

Mine was Bryan Adams....not only was he going to be my first boyfriend, but I swore I'd love him forever.

bealeblues 03-11-2003 11:45 PM

back in the day i had it for the brown haired girl from bananarama, i'm sorry to say... too much 'cruel summer' and 'venus' in my diet and i cringe every time i hear it now.....

AllegroNg 03-12-2003 12:18 AM

I was saving myself for Wanye from Boyz II Men

(Mind you, I was also saving myself for Jm J. Bullock)

trisherina 03-12-2003 01:14 AM

Hmm. Tex and the Horseheads. Punk band.

Woke up this morning, and I wanted a drink,
Felt so bad, I threw up in the sink.
I'll quit tomorrow yes I will

I'll quit tomorrow, oh, baby, yeah, I'll never get drunk no more.

1kookykat 03-12-2003 02:38 AM


Originally posted by AllegroNg
I was saving myself for Wanye from Boyz II Men

(Mind you, I was also saving myself for Jm J. Bullock)

So Wayne lost out, huh? I mean when you had that chance meeting with Jim J. Bullock, yeah? Had his love-child, he moved back to San Francisco, never called you. . .

noxxville 03-12-2003 02:47 AM

At one point, I had a pretty hardcore Madonna thing going. Now, the mention of her name or even a snippet of her music will induce vomiting

1kookykat 03-12-2003 03:06 AM

When I was 8 I idolized Elton John. That faded quickly when I realized that he and Jim J Bullock had a lot in common, but I still appreciated his music. Then he totally lost it in the 8o's with "I'm Still Standin'" and has since made nothing but crap.

AllegroNg 03-12-2003 10:44 AM

Yes, Kat, it's true. I never heard from him, or of him, until the recent E True Hollywood Story, revealing things I simply didn't understand when I was 12!

Zyle 03-12-2003 11:05 AM

Chesney Hawkes. I wanted my hair to be like his. He was on Going Live with Phillip Schofield all the time - the epitimy of cool in my 6 year old mind.

dickieC 03-12-2003 11:15 AM

I AAAAAAAAAAAM The Won and Donly

Yeah. What a song.

Zyle 03-12-2003 11:18 AM

My last contract lecturer played a video in every lecture to illustrate his points, till the last one when he couldn't find a relevant video.. Someone had to come up with a vid which was of any legal point otherwise he would play us "the one and only" as punishment. No idle threats, he went through with it.

Deviate 03-12-2003 11:35 AM

the Monkees


dickieC 03-12-2003 11:47 AM

Here we come...

masterofNone 03-12-2003 11:50 AM

walkin' down the street


Deviate 03-12-2003 12:04 PM

we get the funniest looks from...

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