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zenbabe 09-14-2005 02:23 AM

I think everyone should watch
In September, from the Executive Producers of "Inside Deep Throat" and "Party Monster," Sundance Channel presents the original documentary series TransGeneration. This eight-part program charts one year in the lives of four college students undergoing gender transition. Gabbie, Lucas, Raci and T.J. are confronting the challenges of school, campus life, family... and changing their sex. TransGeneration joins them at four different schools across America as the quartet - two transitioning from female to male and two transitioning from male to female - define who they are and take control of their gender identity. TRANSGENERATION debuts on Sundance Channel with an hour-long premiere, Sept 20, 9:00pm, followed by six half-hour shows and an hour-long finale Tuesday nights at 9:00pm.

madasacutsnake 09-14-2005 02:38 AM

I'd rather watch you.

priceyfatprude 09-14-2005 02:40 AM

Wouldn't we all?

zenbabe 09-14-2005 03:22 AM


surflugen 09-14-2005 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by madasacutsnake
I'd rather watch you.

I know someone else who would too.

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