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noella 11-29-2002 10:48 PM

why is it asking me to fill this out?
hahah! that was funny

1. seafood tom yum soup

masterofNone 11-29-2002 11:28 PM

noella hahah! that was funny

1. seafood tom yum soup

She jump from chair to chair like monkey on string. Many women come out of house and talk "what she do?" But men from police come. She jump. Spill soup on... ummm.. table? Ha ha! that was funny. Men from police come and...

noella 11-29-2002 11:55 PM

eat the spilled soup.........woman very sad........for she had given her heart to her lemongrass love...........just to see it taken away right in front of her eyes

no one ever knew whatever came of that woman.....folks say she was never the same since that day she lost her tom yum yum yum.........until she met mr. teriyaki

masterofNone 11-30-2002 12:10 AM

at last of minute many shout. "Is jumping?" From last to first, many shout. How of the end it is. The making it is. We run home very fast and smell. Mr. Teriyaki man shout falling behind.

Arif-ul Haq 12-03-2002 02:41 AM


masterofNone 12-03-2002 02:00 PM

um. the most important thing is the listening. It makes them get a musical sense and It is the point of fast progress.

zefrank 12-06-2002 11:52 AM

hahah sorry that dog: fatsing progress doesn't make musical sense To me. I rather. It keep s asking me.

little things can make a big.


masterofNone 12-06-2002 11:09 PM

You now run! We have many wet noodles. You run. It asking you run. And now time come to. We take noodles. You run. We eat noodles. You run, run. It asking, "noodles?" You run many time. It time now.

catbelly 12-06-2002 11:13 PM

spanky, spanky, wet noodle oh very bad !! very bad !! no soup for you. no soup for you.

lapietra 12-07-2002 03:28 AM

ahhhhh ha ha! you very funny. No problem. That not the way. This way. You understand? Follow me. I tell you. Very tragic tale.

AllegroNg 12-07-2002 09:43 AM

Hee hee ho ho!
1. Very tragic tale
2. Happened to the pail

jbisdaman 12-22-2002 01:36 AM

Chevy to the levy with a jetski on roof. Pancakes taste special. Supersize it and extra noodles please.

AllegroNg 12-22-2002 10:59 AM

This is why we say NO to drugs:p

masterofNone 12-22-2002 12:00 PM

And lady jump. Three time. Jump. Jump. Jump. Mr. Teriyaki drive chevy hot and left. Noodle spill. He say again."This why not take drug!" All wet show me at office. He not laugh again.

zefrank 12-22-2002 09:15 PM

mmmm...deliciously drug for luchbreak. *
MoN is more awesomer than you. MoN is more awesomer than you.

* dew moistens envelopes in outdoor mail orgy...stamps?dirty?

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