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maxamo 10-18-2002 03:02 PM

Name That Beard
I'm still laughing at this one...check it out!


zenbabe 10-18-2002 03:12 PM

I only got two wrong!! YAY!!

bealeblues 10-18-2002 05:03 PM

i won't even tell you how badly i did..... :(

Frieda 10-18-2002 11:09 PM

i got the rasputin one! yay!

cosmo949 10-19-2002 12:11 AM

i got the tom cruise one. hurrah

lapietra 10-19-2002 12:20 AM

that's so cool!!!
Fun AND educational...

Now I know what the phrase "she's his beard" really means! Yay!

Eruantale 10-20-2002 04:41 PM

Thank Eru for my Commie roots, or I'd've got no one :)

Arif-ul Haq 10-20-2002 06:54 PM


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