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priceyfatprude 05-04-2004 10:38 PM

Indecency? Toss the salad.

Double standard? I wish I could've seen the look on Oprah's face when someone told her what tossing the salad meant.

Hyakujo's Fox 05-04-2004 11:23 PM

It was so offensive that my child's head literally exploded.


noxxville 05-05-2004 08:09 PM


Originally posted by Hyakujo's Fox
It was so offensive that my child's head literally exploded.


That's the one that got me too.

Loui 05-06-2004 07:00 PM

Citizens against Unclean Network Trash
Did anyone notice the organization the bible camp person belonged to?

Citizens against Unclean Network Trash

The acronym for which is...

priceyfatprude 05-06-2004 08:53 PM

I know, Loui, I know.


Avalon 05-07-2004 06:43 PM

Is this chick for real? I mean, with the acronym and all.

And to say she hasn't seen anything like it on non-cable?? She ever taken a gander at a soap opera?

The whole thing makes my head want to explode:p

Gatsby 05-07-2004 07:11 PM

Some fodder for this thread:

The FCC definition of indecency:

“Language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory activities or organs.”

If it fits this definition and is indecent, then it's subject to "channeling" or "safe harbor laws." This means if it's broadcast on network televition between 6am and 10pm, it's subject to indecency prosecution. (Cable TV isn't subject to these laws).

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