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Jack Flanders 03-31-2006 02:00 AM

Happy B-Day Ze!

trisherina 03-31-2006 02:08 AM

Happy birthday! Watch that frosting...

Jason Clay Lewis
Let Them Eat Cake, 2000 , rat poison, balsa, 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 5"

priceyfatprude 03-31-2006 02:36 AM

Happy Birthday to the Original ZeMonkey:

Have some cake!

Smartypants 03-31-2006 02:51 AM

Hey Ze... For your birthday, Madasacutsnake and I chipped in and bought you this donkey from her priest, but we couldn't figure out how to pack it for shipping. So sorry. :(

On the upside, I think the priest was pretty happy to buy him back. I think he really likes the little bugger.

(And anyway, you probably have enough asses to deal with.)

magdalen 03-31-2006 03:28 AM

Happy birthday dear Ze,
It's Party Time!!!!!!!

karma_queen 03-31-2006 03:44 AM

happy birthday, dear sweet ze x

funkytuba 03-31-2006 04:18 AM


12"razormix 03-31-2006 04:30 AM

happy birthday!
ye artists lovelorn! madmen that ye are!
make your best bow to her and bid adieu
then, if she likes it, she will follow you

from On Fame - John Keats

EmotionalVelcro 03-31-2006 04:36 AM

Happy Birthday, Ze. Hope you have a good day.

lapietra 03-31-2006 04:41 AM

*big birthday hugs*

RuneT 03-31-2006 05:03 AM

Happy birthday you spastic patron saint of webstuff creation! I like you too!

Hermione 03-31-2006 05:09 AM

Happy Birthday Ze! Your site allows me to take a break from studying and I adore you because of that! I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

zero 03-31-2006 05:09 AM

happy birthday


LeahDear 03-31-2006 05:51 AM

Happy Birthday lovely Ze!

jasmina 03-31-2006 06:03 AM


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