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Qarly 09-18-2002 12:31 PM

Soft or Firm?
=Random Thought=
Has anyone else noticed that in those ads for air beds or any other bed that can change firmness on either side, the man is always on the, "Firm" side and the woman is always on the, "Soft" side?

I just noticed this and I found it rather amusing.
The man likes it hard, hard in the bed.

*smacks forehead*

I should get more sleep.


=Random Thought=

ShiMegami 09-18-2002 03:14 PM

How'd you notice that? I've seen hundreds of those commercials, or seen one hundreds of times. Anyway, I never noticed the side difference but...you're right! The best thoughts come when there's no sleep...I have to start staying up later...

red 09-22-2002 02:00 AM

I always flip the channel. I hate that commercial and all the home gym commercials. Maybe because they run ALL THE TIME. Thank goodness for remote control!

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