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TinaBina 10-01-2002 07:18 PM

How many of you out there are designers (web, print, etc?)

Just curious!

lapietra 10-02-2002 07:24 PM

learning how to be one...
I've got some websites out there (that I was paid to do!) but nothing to be too proud of yet... I need to learn more programming/coding languages.

PHPGoddess 10-03-2002 12:28 PM

I am, but my concentration is more on programming than design. I'm always looking for designers to subcontract in my business. I do freelancing if you want to check out my site:
Angel Web Solutions Drop me a portfolio anytime!

KelliV 10-04-2002 12:30 PM

Im a designer
started out in print .... have done logos, brochures, annual reports and some illustrations. I now am in the web world, but I sure do miss paper.

TinaBina 10-04-2002 03:41 PM

I'm a print designer too. Sometimes get some web design thrown my way, but my preference is for anything on paper.

red 10-04-2002 08:41 PM

I went to school for it and once I got out into the great big world of advertising quickly realized, I don't like design by committee. Most clients are graphic illiterates. It's not that I can't compromise. It just got too stressful to put up with clients who always want jumbo logos or to fill every last space with copy just because there's room. I've found peace doing production art and creating art just for me, at home, on my own terms.

KelliV 10-07-2002 11:14 AM

Design by committee
Red I feel your pain....
That is the sharp slap of reality that all designers feel once we leave the creative protection of college.

The best remedy is to slowly establish your expertise.... it does take awhile, and to have management that is committed to quality work, not just "get it out there".

Once you have established yourself, it is easier to calmly, and with a bit of humor, win over clients to your vision, tho compromises are always going to be made. If you choose your battles wisely, you can usually end up with something you are proud of.


PHPGoddess 10-07-2002 01:14 PM

The Moose
My funnest client was the one I tried to convince it wasn't "cute" to have a moose who shakes his head back and forth on the top of the page. What is it with clipart anyways? People have this strange draw to clipart that is scary.

red 10-07-2002 05:20 PM

I've been in the biz for 14 years now. (I started off doing marker renderings just after the dawn of Macs really taking off in the industry!) I guess after so many years I just can't believe the lies of creative directors and greedy account exeuctives who will do anything for a client.

TinaBina 10-08-2002 03:19 PM

The biggest challenge is "educating the client".
Lately I have needed to explain to my clients that I am not a decorator, I am a DESIGNER!

zefrank 10-08-2002 04:24 PM

I'm a designer. I'd rather be an educator though...i think.

KelliV 10-08-2002 04:37 PM

design and alternate careers
There are many days that I want to go and just sell shoes or something ......

like today.........

I also want to yell from the top of my lungs "I don't give a DAMN about compression and bit depth.... I want it to look PRETTY!!!!!"

but alas I cannot

TinaBina 10-08-2002 05:54 PM


Originally posted by zefrank
I'm a designer. I'd rather be an educator though...i think.
You do teach classes, right? Do you teach flash?

I've been thinking about going back to school to get my MFA so I can teach graphic design at the college level. I'm looking around the Philly area for any classes I could teach now with a BFA +exp. Graduate school in design is not looking too hopeful around this area. Only one program at Tyler.

I think I am addicted to school. yeah, I know, sounds sick.

Today I did no design at all, just coordination, project management, fending off printers sales calls, explaining to client that not all white paper is white... you know, all the fun stuff!!!

ZeFanJess86UK 10-08-2002 06:24 PM

I use templates to make websites such as geocities and stuff

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