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Saxifrage 03-24-2005 02:51 PM

CAUGHT! the most evil man in the world
Fischer leaves Japan for Iceland

After his release Fischer went straight to Tokyo airport

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer has left Japan for Iceland following his release from an eight-month detention.

The 62-year-old took an aeroplane to Copenhagen, from where he plans to fly to Iceland. The country has granted him a passport and citizenship.

The American is wanted in the US for breaking international sanctions by playing a match in Yugoslavia in 1992.

He was detained in July trying to leave Japan using a revoked US passport.

"I won't be free until I get out of Japan," Mr Fischer told reporters as he arrived at Tokyo's Narita airport.

Why Iceland's fond of Fischer

"This was not an arrest. It was a kidnapping cooked up by Bush and Koizumi," he said, referring to US President George W Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Mr Fischer's lawyer, Masako Suzuki, said the chess icon had "smiled from the bottom of his heart when he boarded the plane".

Mr Fischer was granted Icelandic citizenship after a vote in the country's parliament on Monday.

The former champion has many supporters in Iceland, after playing a world championship match there in 1972 at the height of the Cold War, beating the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky.

Japan's justice ministry decided to let Mr Fischer travel to Iceland after being shown documents proving Mr Fischer had been granted Icelandic citizenship, Japanese reports said.

The US said it was disappointed at the move. "Mr Fischer is a fugitive from justice," said a US state department spokesman.

Scuffle with guards

The reclusive Mr Fischer had lived undetected in Japan for a number of years with fiancee Miyoko Watai, a former Japanese chess champion.

He was arrested and threatened with deportation when he tried to leave Japan for the Philippines last July using a US passport that had allegedly been revoked.

Since then he has mounted a string of protests, including claims for political asylum, in attempts to avoid being repatriated.

His supporters say he has been under heavy stress in jail. He was held for four days in solitary confinement earlier this month after scuffling with guards in an argument over a boiled egg.

Mr Fischer's supporters say the US deportation order is politically motivated.

The American exile angered many of his fellow countrymen when he went on Philippine radio on 11 September 2001, applauding the attacks on the US on that day and launching into an anti-Semitic diatribe.


venusupnorth 07-12-2005 12:43 PM

This guy is a bit nuts, most of his political views make no sense. He happens to be jewish but hates jewish people??
He's my neighbor and I see him go for walks every day. He basicly just keeps to himself and Iceland just joined his sh*t list,nobody forced him to come here. :p

lapietra 07-12-2005 07:45 PM

Jeez - if you could be put in jail just for hating - at least half the U. S. alone would be penitentiaries. :rolleyes:

venusupnorth 07-12-2005 08:06 PM

No Lapietra he's not in jail here, he actually came to Iceland to get out of jail. Read the link to the article, it explains his sad story. It's got nothing to do with his political views or hating everyone and everything.

lapietra 07-12-2005 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by venusupnorth
No Lapietra he's not in jail here, he actually came to Iceland to get out of jail. Read the link to the article, it explains his sad story. It's got nothing to do with his political views or hating everyone and everything.

Oh - I got that he's not in jail - I was just commenting on the absurdity of putting someone in jail for being racist. Much better to try to educate them. But I'll read the link! I didn't before because I thought it was the same as the post. ;)

lapietra 07-12-2005 08:54 PM

Hmmmm... I still don't quite understand. Isn't the best way to handle insane people to either ignore them or help them get treatment? Why is he being threatened with jail?

I guess I'm pretty ignorant about this whole thing. I've googled the subject and will read up.

venusupnorth 07-13-2005 08:10 AM

Bobby Fischer is accused by the US of breaking international sanctions by travelling to Yugoslavia in 1992 to play against a Russian arch-rival. Bobby Fischer, an American citizen, won the match against Boris Spassky but disappeared when the US authorities announced they wanted to prosecute him.

This is a better article:

Saxifrage 07-13-2005 11:40 AM

It's remnants of old cold war hatreds that haunt Fischer. I can imagine how being persecuted for such and abstract crime could drive one a bit bonkers explaining his present state. Funny how we hold such a grudge against old time communism when the most powerfull communist entity in the world is now making everything we buy in the good ole USofA.

venusupnorth 07-13-2005 11:53 AM

That's the reason Iceland took him in because the crime doesn't fit the punishment at all. He's always been a little nuts though, I think becoming famous at a young age didn't do him any good. He always says what he thinks also, it's all in his mouth though. When I run into him he always makes eye contact and telling from his eyes he looks very sad. :(

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