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craig johnston 07-30-2007 02:37 PM

The Game
This is the thread in which we play the Game.

You start.....


Anna 07-30-2007 02:52 PM

I'll take 5

zero 07-30-2007 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by craig johnston (Post 356000)
This is the thread in which we play the Game.

You start.....


:mad: johnston you're cheating.. again!

12"razormix 07-30-2007 03:01 PM

i buy two from anna and discontinue

T.I.P. 07-30-2007 03:14 PM

i perturb the central tomato

craig johnston 07-30-2007 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by zero (Post 356005)
:mad: johnston you're cheating.. again!

it's not a game, it's the game


12"razormix 07-30-2007 03:19 PM

i take the opportunity to skid past unnoticed

craig johnston 07-30-2007 03:20 PM

are you going to wear those pants 12"?
do you think they'll be roomy enough?

12"razormix 07-30-2007 03:21 PM

for my fat arse?

probably not... :D

Marcus Bales 07-30-2007 03:22 PM

I've got my eyes closed so no one can see me as I reach for The Cookie Jar.

12"razormix 07-30-2007 03:24 PM


Marcus Bales 07-30-2007 03:26 PM

I vex because zormix wearin' ceramic pants

craig johnston 07-30-2007 03:26 PM

so, we've started then? or is this just the warm-up?

Marcus Bales 07-30-2007 03:29 PM

Wait til I build up a substantial lead -- THEN we'll start!

12"razormix 07-30-2007 03:30 PM

watch the fat bastard run! :)

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