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lapietra 06-24-2003 04:35 PM

Okay, dammit.
I am not a fvcking coward.
Why is it cowardly to want to try to get along with people, and pick one's battles carefully, so that most of the time we get along and have a good time?


Red Princess 06-24-2003 04:38 PM

not cowardly.

still wanna fight?

lapietra 06-24-2003 04:41 PM

Not with you, dearie. Just with the people who don't understand me. Grrrrrrr.

Red Princess 06-24-2003 04:42 PM


lapietra 06-24-2003 04:44 PM

I just hate.... ugly... words. Meanness. Unpleasantness. Causing pain.
Only if unavoidable.

Is that cowardly? Am I the only one?

gah... here I go. All about me now... Come on - someone else must feel this way...

lapietra 06-24-2003 04:49 PM

Just me.
Ha. Killed my own thread.

Red Princess 06-24-2003 04:50 PM

i hate it too, i avoid conflict when possible. on the other hand sometimes i get out of line and someone needs to tell me, so i can A. stop it B.apologize
to all zemonkeys, please tell me if i am exceptionally bad

ambo 06-24-2003 04:57 PM

you are exceptionally bad ;)

Red Princess 06-24-2003 05:00 PM

oh crap , i am so sorry , i didn't mean to , how can i make it up to you? please tell me, i will do anything...

want me to finish the story?

rmr 06-24-2003 05:08 PM

Lala if you have an issue with me then I encourage you to get in touch with me. I'll be happy to discuss it.

It really saddens me that we now have two threads dedicated to conflict.....what a shame.

lapietra 06-24-2003 05:14 PM

Well... I was actually responding to comments a couple of people made in another thread.

I guess I'm struggling with this a bit. I *do* have trouble with confrontation, definitely springing from not being allowed to defend myself during my childhood. And it takes a lot for me to speak up in a situation like the current thing with NYC, even if it's been bugging me for awhile - I just saw too many sides to take a stand, until I realized I needed to.

But there's a difference between avoiding unpleasant confrontation, and cowardly capitulation, which I don't indulge in. If someone's trying to force me to do or say something I don't agree with, it's just not happening.

Isn't there a difference? Or am I in denial?

lapietra 06-24-2003 05:18 PM


Originally posted by rmr
Lala if you have an issue with me then I encourage you to get in touch with me. I'll be happy to discuss it.

It really saddens me that we now have two threads dedicated to conflict.....what a shame.

It's more than just your comment. I've been thinking about this since the war, when everyone was either going out and protesting or sounding off on the board. I didn't feel the desire to do either thing - because I was still deciding how I felt and didn't feel like I had enough information, unlike others, who were very decisive and vocal about their opinions.

I don't think it's sad at all. I think we're facing something head-on and discussing it like adults. There *is* a conflict happening, which is not a happy thing, but better to deal with it openly then pretend like nothing's happening.

Deviate 06-24-2003 05:43 PM

so agreed.

and i know it took a lot for you to speak your truth. that was not cowardly.

what is cowardly is asking people to play nice just for the fact of playing nice. to tell people to have fun just for the appearance of having fun. to ask people how they're doing and expect them to say "fine" just because the truth is too damn unpleasant.

this board used to be dedicated to fresh, wild and different ideas. no i don't believe conflict is best dealt in an arena, BUT there are times when an arena is the ONLY option. especially when all other doors are closed.

lala, babe, you're always a cheerful person, almost too muchso (which we've had words about at times) and for you to go beyond that persona to let out the uglies is a big step. you're not a coward, you're a powerhouse.

kittens and bows and sunset walks on the beach. dammit i love the lot of ya, yes, even the ones that get stuck in my craw every once in awhile. so there!

agentsmith 06-24-2003 05:51 PM

i am lala's opposite.

Deviate 06-24-2003 05:58 PM

angst is bullshit

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