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zenbabe 08-07-2003 11:19 PM

ok, this is my first attempt at a fiction thread of my very own. I don't post in most of them because I think I am afraid of myself..so here it goes.

A to C start off, I will post a word, A to C style, you respond. When somebody posts a word that triggers a memory, tell the story. It can be lame, funny, sad, hot, inspiring..anything. Just tell the story.

The person that posts a story is responsible for starting the next A to C word.

I will start.

zenbabe 08-07-2003 11:20 PM


AddyCat 08-13-2003 08:50 PM

pink is the color of the sunset in the Iowa summer sky
people would stop
in a line
to watch
because they are so stunning that your feet
just stop their progress
and your mind
doesn't have a care at all
but for the beauty it is


(how about the last word of the story is the next "A to C" word?)

zenbabe 08-13-2003 09:21 PM

that is the idea, and if you can't come up with a story based on the last word, then add another A to C word until a story hits you.


3 am, warm outside already,
getting ready to trek to the top of a volcano to see the sunrise
Thinking the weather would be the same some 3000 miles higher, I tie on a sarong and grab a sweatshirt just in case it gets chilly.

At the top, it is raining and so windy, one step out of the car shreds your flesh with rain and cold gusts. Crap.

What else to do with an hour before sunrise and a car blinded by dark gusty winds and bitter cold..don't let the fogged up windows go to waste.

There it is, the most beautiful sight in the world..I feel like I am on


AddyCat 08-14-2003 11:25 AM

is extremely bright these days
and there is a meteor shower happening
last night and tonight and possibly for the next few nights

Go outside
at night
Look at the moon
and very close to it
is an unusually bright "star" (it's a planet really)
that is Mars

Mars is usually quite dim so this is an extra special


trisherina 08-14-2003 12:52 PM


Others like you want to be treated,
We tell our children

Sneer at the pimple-faced Mickey D kids
Flip birds at people who cut you off in traffic
Grit your teeth at the 7-11 clerk who can't count
Bitch about the neighbours' lack of weed control
Screw over the taxman
Sue the contractors
Refuse the immigrants
Pigeonhole the rest
Hoard your money
Tuck them in at night and

Sleep well.


AddyCat 08-14-2003 12:55 PM

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight brush

Goodnight bowl full of


amanda 08-16-2003 09:09 PM


I hated mushy food when I was a kid.
bananas, potatoes, peas

any vegetable cooked over an hour.

Could never be a child in


zenbabe 08-16-2003 09:32 PM


Is really hot right now.

In the 3rd grade, I refused to talk without using an english accent. I thought it was so charming.

I haven't been there yet, but I have quite a few of the accents down pretty good.

I will go there someday. Until then, Mars has been keeping me company, Wednesday is the day to see it, it is very twinkly right now though.

England also makes me think of Dickie, and how I hope his trip back home is a


amanda 08-17-2003 09:54 PM


I worry about the success of this thread...

it's so good, but
hidden away from the main

On the other hand,
I like
nooks and cranies
and less trodden


trisherina 08-18-2003 02:11 AM


When I was a kid, we used to go camping in the Rocky Mountains, five of us in a blue Volkswagen Beetle with food and tenting gear for several days. It never seemed all that crowded, though the drive was four to five hours. We would drive beyond the paved roads to the gravel roads... and finally on to some road that wasn't even a road, but just a path in the bush made by deer and moose and bear and whatever else came crashing through. When the bug couldn't go any further, we'd get out and hike until we found a suitable spot.

We found some incredible spots that way. There was one I remember that had everything: a clearing for the tents, a backwash to fish in, a sweet fresh stream to drink from, stands of trees and deadfalls to climb, mounds of smooth river rock to skip, and even a yard-high waterfall in a bend of the stream for me to pretend I was fishing in, dangling my numbing feet below rolled-up corduroys and using long grass as a rod and a wild strawberry as bait.

I passed hours at that waterfall, hoping a minnow would show interest, squinting when the sun shot between tree branches, and never once feeling the burden or the passage of


AddyCat 08-18-2003 12:00 PM

It is time to comment on the beauty that this thread is creating. Especially the previous post - quite lovely.
I like this thread the best so far.


Originally posted by zenbabe

Is really hot right now.

In the 3rd grade, I refused to talk without using an english accent. I thought it was so charming.

I haven't been there yet, but I have quite a few of the accents down pretty good.

I will go there someday. Until then, Mars has been keeping me company, Wednesday is the day to see it, it is very twinkly right now though.

I still have a hard time NOT speaking with an English accent and I too have NEVER been there. When I speak to someone with an accent, I have the hardest time not imitating it - I don't want to be rude, you know?
I once knew a lady who, when she was in her early twenties in the 80's, would speak with a cockney british accent when she was drunk - she was into the punk scene. Now she's got long hair (as opposed to the long mohawk) and when she drinks she can't help but speak with an accent - it's one of the most hilarious phenomenons I've ever had the joy to witness.

I'm glad to see that others are out watching Mars as well - isn't it

trisherina 08-18-2003 12:18 PM


Last night I chatted with a new mom who is very sick in her own way and held her babe, a premature boy who comes equipped with nasal prongs and an NJ tube. He is doing well, though, all things considered. He will catch up, and she will get well too, spurred on by this tiny bundle of motivation.

I stroked the skin on his cheek that wasn't covered by tape, and smiled down at the little guy, watching his struggle to breathe.

"He's a handsome one, he is," she assured me in her soft Atlantic accent. "He'll be a heart breaker." The total infatuation of the new parent, all-consuming, transforming and nothing short of miraculous.

Were it not there, few of us would be, ultimately. It's a process for which I am overwhelmingly


zenbabe 08-18-2003 09:30 PM


When I was a tot, I had a really bad case of the chicken pox. I got to 106 degree temperature. 107 and you are brain dead. I got some brain damage from it that manifested in a siezure disorder. I was one of the first 12 kids on an experimental program that they thought definatly wouldn't work. My mom opted for that option instead of the doctors suggestion of Brain surgery. They wanted to cut some pieces out......

Until the time I was 25 I was on medication to control it even though I hadn't had a siezure since I was about 6 years old I had grossly abnormal brain patterns that said I should be having grand mal siezures every day.

I turned 25 and went for my annual cat scans, MRI and EEG. I was at UCLA. When the top neurologist guy came back with the results he had to go and get some other top neurologist that had just flown in from Boston.

I will never forget the look of disbelief on their face when the reports came back that my brain patterns were completely normal. They told me I was a medical mystery. It was awsome. I weened myself off the drugs and have to this day been completely Normal.

PS, the original test program that I was on is now approved by the FDA and is used to cure kids with siezure disorders. That makes me very


amanda 08-18-2003 09:37 PM


"Do you know how proud I am of you?
Do not ever call yourself a ****-up again."

One of these days, I'm going to find her a very nice tropical rest
home by the


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