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Frieda 11-17-2005 09:54 AM

happy birthday AGENTSMITH!
happy birthday agent! :)

may your life be filled with joy, happiness and jrockers!

here's a little gift from me to you:

i hope you like it.. have a great day! :)

Hyakujo's Fox 11-17-2005 11:09 AM

Happy Birthday agentsmith!

Audreyvgs 11-17-2005 11:24 AM

the happiest, agent-san

smellyrayzin 11-17-2005 11:39 AM

^^ may you be this happy on your birthday! :D

Red Princess 11-17-2005 01:23 PM

happy birthday agent

Coffee 11-17-2005 03:05 PM

Happy Birthday smitty...you are missed.

lapietra 11-17-2005 03:36 PM

they wish you
a most happy day. :) (squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

zenbabe 11-17-2005 03:40 PM

Happy Birthday Agent!

sparticle 11-17-2005 07:46 PM

Happy birthday, and I hope you get lots of goodies!

Avalon 11-17-2005 09:55 PM

Happy Birthday!! Hope someone got you a real, live J-Rocker!! :D

madasacutsnake 11-17-2005 10:57 PM

HB Aggie. If your dad forgets this year I'll enema him myself.

Klynne 11-18-2005 12:04 AM

I lurves my agent. And I know how she lurves the word lurves.

Happy Birthday, you sweet young thang!

Lurves, me!

lapietra 11-18-2005 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by madasacutsnake
HB Aggie. If your dad forgets this year I'll enema him myself.

You always say the things right on the tippytippitytipomytongue...

topcat 11-18-2005 02:41 AM

happy birthday agent.

trisherina 11-18-2005 02:54 AM

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