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YsaPur EsChomuw 03-06-2010 09:13 AM

Let's celebrate with Stephi!

CHOOSE YOUR BOOZE! the bra was restocked just for this special day


Now, what's a birthday without CHOCOLATES, I'd like to ask...

Nibble till you dribble! :) :) :)

brightpearl 03-06-2010 12:40 PM

Stephi dear,
Some Turkish delight for you

I'm given to understand that heating the sucrose with acid results in hydrolysis to fructose and glucose, resulting in a net optical conversion of the plane of polarized light from +66.5° to -39°. You can leave it on the shelf for a long time because of the relatively low water activity, but I suggest you eat it all now.

Best wishes for a very merry birthday.

Frieda 03-06-2010 01:32 PM

woooooo! :D happy birthday stephi! :):)

trisherina 03-06-2010 01:42 PM

Happiest of Birthdays to Stephi the half a B

Coffee 03-06-2010 02:08 PM

Wootz. Happy 30BD Stephi.

(i heard apple phones made great gifts...this one seemed perfect for a teacher :) )

zero 03-06-2010 03:34 PM

let us all sing together ♫birthday happys doktor_b!!♫

MoJoRiSin 03-06-2010 04:38 PM


:) :) :)

Jack Flanders 03-06-2010 07:43 PM

Hyakujo's Fox 03-06-2010 08:52 PM

Happy Birthday Stephi B!

^Perfect for shaking in the bra!

xfox 03-06-2010 10:46 PM

Dear Stephi

Happy Birthday

Stephi_B 03-09-2010 05:10 AM


Stephi_B 03-09-2010 05:15 AM

and to pearly:

:) tesekkür ederim :)

(imagine ;) a little curly thingy hanging beneath the s which makes it a sh)

Odbe 03-09-2010 06:32 AM

Happy day Steph!

Anna 03-09-2010 11:08 PM

12"razormix 03-10-2010 07:22 AM


... i'm too late, aren't i?

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