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craig johnston 10-05-2005 11:44 AM

impressions of dinzdale?

it was awesome!

laughingbuddha 10-05-2005 11:50 AM

What was or is?


funkytuba 10-07-2005 09:39 PM

Hey Mr. Joint-Chiefs-Of-Staff, Bush just invoked the crusades in a speech trying to justify the war on terror in Iraq. What do you say to that?


laughingbuddha 10-09-2005 05:46 AM

When did you first get put out?


craig johnston 10-09-2005 05:53 AM

who's that new rapper doing his thang on the white house lawn?

10 juicy pomegranates

laughingbuddha 10-09-2005 05:56 AM

How many did it take to fill this glass?

P. Daddy they call him and he normally does his thang hidden by the bush

craig johnston 10-09-2005 06:55 AM

can you recommend a competent physician?

it was snapped in half but otherwise intact.

laughingbuddha 10-09-2005 07:55 AM

What's left of the boat, the one you so often toast?

Competent for me may not be for you...

craig johnston 10-09-2005 02:52 PM

are you a demon lover?

how would you like it?

funkytuba 10-11-2005 08:02 PM

What's the latest question to screw with the format of this thread?


craig johnston 10-11-2005 08:03 PM

when did you last see ezor sober?

in a vice like grip

karma_queen 10-11-2005 08:05 PM

how does craig johnston secretly want max to hold him?

it tasted like chicken

craig johnston 10-11-2005 08:07 PM

what happened to your neighbours rabbit?


Marcus Bales 10-12-2005 09:02 AM

What do you call a group of well-dressed but hairless men running through the rain from the overhang of the building to their cars?

balloons and cake

craig johnston 10-12-2005 12:29 PM

what does 'fabricati diem' mean marcus?

teddy bears and blankets

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