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srizner 09-20-2002 01:51 PM

is there any point to that athiest game!? i'm getting so :confused: and :mad: HELP!

lapietra 09-20-2002 01:54 PM

you're closer to the truth than you know...
the game is the point.

srizner 09-20-2002 02:23 PM

why must i be tormented by this game!!!!???:mad: :confused:

lapietra 09-20-2002 02:40 PM

Well... think about it. You can choose not to play, or you can play. If you play, you can choose to be frustrated by it, or you can just accept the rules... and if you don't play, you don't have to choose. Or you can play another game.

BTW - I went through something very similar with one of those D&D tiles games a number of years ago... You would never die in the game, but everytime I would get to a certain level, I would run out of energy too quickly to get out of the gate - because when I did, all the monsters were there waiting for me. It felt too much like my life at the time, and it made me really depressed. So I stopped playing. Now I just play computer mah jong. ;) No monsters.

PHPGoddess 09-20-2002 03:39 PM

I think the point of the game is that from an atheist view point..once you fall off..game over. So make the most of the little space you have! Jump around, run about, have fun..because inevitably you are just gonna fall off eventually. And then it's over. It's actually a rather good argument for how depressing it could be to be an atheist..hehe!

lapietra 09-20-2002 03:51 PM

curses... foiled again....
Darn it, PHPGoddess... I was having fun!!! That was too good an explanation...
I know... I'm a sadistic evil lemonhead...

PHPGoddess 09-20-2002 03:55 PM

LOL! Run a long little lapietra. There are plenty of opportunities for you to torture other souls on the message boards. I won't interfere next time. HEHE!

lapietra 09-20-2002 04:07 PM

.....bring them aaaalllll to meeeee..... heh heh heh.

Woah. Didn't realize I had a beard coming in. Better go take care of that....

PHPGoddess 09-20-2002 04:12 PM


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