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sbraiden 03-13-2003 05:29 PM

Golden ...
"Golden" - from the "Keeper" anthology.


it's the sun settling like a russet peach in the summer grass
and knowing that in a million years
you could never spill it's richness onto canvas brushed.
it's the smell of earth after rain when you breathe its heavy musk
and sigh to think that of earth's sweet cinnabar there'll
never be a way to say it so.
i see you watching, smile.
my foot seems far too slow to take me there,
for in a million years
i could not put to words this clench
i feel when i steady myself
and cannot catch my breath.
you are the ache,
the knot,
the sigh,
the moan,
the moving moments painted on my face
when ___ i ___ stand ___ still.
you are the sistine, piscene, unseen cathedral of muscle
that beats in my chest.
you are the memory of a future thought,
the echo of a life not lived,
but longed for without patience, without end.
you are the one sure path
that a million years of instinct
burns from soul to soles.
and so i walk.

sbraiden 03-14-2003 08:58 PM

Beginnings and Ends ...
"Beginnings and Ends ..." -- from the "Keeper" Anthology


That I am not loins,
nor rib,
nor heart,
not even what connected they make up.

I am a collection of thoughts,
bound by values and love,
that, unwrapped, spill out and
into other lives, mixed and swirling,

Cease, these limbs, but
not my soul.

It is the beginning of my life,
and not the end.

It is the beginning,
where I spread out in veins of
and thoughts
and ideas
that have infected those people I love,
and even those
who have despised me.

It is those things that I have changed in them
where I live on.

This is my immortality.

That what I
and did
and loved
becomes a part of so many living things,
and will continue across lives like a ripple,
making another
and, boundless, yet another.

It is there in those ripples that I live on,
my energy magnified and alive
and moving
and unbroken,
my essence still vital and alive.

These are my circles.
These are my hundreds of lives.

beckstra 03-22-2003 01:46 AM

got a call from some office
the phone was covered in dead skin
held it two inches from my face
made it pretty hard to hear
but the muddy crust
on my shiney plastic reciever
shuddered through me
like an open sore
took the windex to it
the dead skin smeared around
didn't wipe away completely
mixed amonia and water
then it was gone
and so was i

lapietra 03-23-2003 10:05 PM

you are very beautiful
you have glad eyes
and a smile that hasn't seen itself
you hear what is said
and what is not
and you hear not what is wrong or right
but what is and could be

you are


a sweet flash of energy
that passes in front of the world
so that they may be nourished by your
forever and always newness

and that those seduced and torn
by the world
may wonder
and that those pure and awake of heart
may follow

beckstra 04-04-2003 01:58 AM

My Stroll Through Suburbia
faded car alarm sounding in the distance
take a step and the sidewalk has ended

Gus Segiro's RV is parked in his manicured yard
behind the white picked fence
and the neighbors are surely dying of a heart attack

the Miltner's carport is empty
no monster Escalade marching over us
icey cold steel sparking dollar signs in rubber rotations

blonde Ted is cleaning out his mini pond
dead fall leaves and melted mud cling to his hands
he rests his chin on the blue plaid johnny collar shirt shoulder

pass the first magnolia bloom on the block
and you've begun a brighter adventure
with Mr. Smith and Maggie and Daniel playing hide'n'seek

the newlyweds down in 402...the lovely little log siding
walk with their hands tied together in red fleece
and trailing Jack with his russell terrier smile

the sun, being placed on a dimmer switch, is fading
soldier streetlights blink the beginning of night
the tudor's timer starts the sprinkler

faded car alarm sounding in the distance
take a step and a new sidewalk has begun

lapietra 04-04-2003 03:06 PM


beckstra 04-05-2003 12:58 PM


ambo 04-09-2003 01:28 AM

Seemingly Sane

Destiny and I have made a pact
I will deny his existence
And he will remain silent

Do not scoff
For I have entered the arena
Waiting for the cheers to come like a wave
Surely they will see my intentions
Such good intentions

Morning has come like a song
Both end and beginning
I beg for time
As I move forward, forward
Never glancing back
I am stitching my quilt
This is fine work for a mortal

Whatís that you say
That hump on my back
Right there
Are you sure
I cannot seem to see it from any angle

I ask for the impossible
Secretly hoping for the improbable

Spring, come without winter
Step on my disasters
Oh, for a savior
Free of charge

Copyright 1999 Ambo Lovely

lapietra 04-10-2003 06:20 PM


Originally posted by beckstra
Oh! :)
I just loved that. :)

beckstra 04-15-2003 09:47 PM

Oh. Thanks. :)

Cicatrice 04-16-2003 12:41 PM

a gift
A word in your ear
a thought in your head with a word in your ear
hear it now, donít fear
a word in your ear
a gift
lift your eyes and ears
for a gift
an idea
inching in you ear it's injury to insult
incoming ideas
idle ideas inviting
citing series of procedures
watch walls wash in over ears
washing years of tears in and in
deep down
deep down dark drums
darkening deepening deafening
a word in your ear
hear it now
a gift

nycwriters 04-17-2003 03:05 AM


laughingbuddha 04-17-2003 08:54 AM

This is all i can contribute...wrote it some time back when I was really down

I am a lost soul
One that resides in a black hole
Nothing shall escape my grasp
Not even light can hope to evade my clasp

The Sun that lights up the globe
gives up that last bit of hope
And retires to give way to the dark
Where in the moonlight we hear the wild dogs bark

I am a lost soul
One that resides in a black hole
Nothing shall escape my grasp
Not even light can hope to evade my clasp

laughingbuddha 04-17-2003 09:03 AM

What is what, Who is who
Isnít the world a mirror unto you?
What you see is what you discover
Itís no use running, there is no cover

laughingbuddha 04-17-2003 09:06 AM

I had a dream... a crazy dream
I imagined myself sitting by a stream
Waiting for the stream to become a river
I felt my body grow cold and shiver
I said this is strange
You are way out of range
I spent hours sitting there
Waiting for a maiden fair
As the day passed by
Weary grew I
But hope I did not lose
Because that was mine to choose
On a day of suffering, I drowned in pain
That is when I realized the gain
You look behind in regret
But forget what you get
Now in the morning, I lie awake
Thinking in the reverieís wake
I had a dreamÖ a crazy dream
And all I did was sit by a stream

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