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Stephi_B 09-02-2007 12:53 PM

Gimme your gomi
gomi = Japanese for trash/waste/garbage

*toast found gomi here*

zero 09-02-2007 02:10 PM


cynthia vanderlip, manager of the state of hawaii's kure atoll wildlife sanctuary, cut open the dead body of a fledgling laysan albatross (nicknamed "shed bird") to find more than half a pound of plastic in its stomach.
concentrated below are all the items retrieved from inside the bird: plastic lighters, bottle caps, and other plastics that are carelessly tossed often wind up floating on the ocean surface, where they are occasionally consumed by foraging seabirds and other marine creatures.

brightpearl 09-02-2007 02:28 PM

^Odd, I came across this photo this morning:

I had been hoping that the odd collection of plastic bits had somehow collected there at high tide...but I thought not. :(

Frieda 09-02-2007 06:04 PM

wow. that's really sad :(

T.I.P. 09-02-2007 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by zero (Post 360775)
the dead body of a fledgling laysan albatross

^ * Chuck Baudelaire shakes his fist at those who would fill the belly of the Poet with plastic *

Meanwhile, Vik Muniz demonstrates that you can make magic out of garbage:




Stephi_B 09-03-2007 06:52 AM

Radiating gomi:

Concrete sarcophagus enclosing reactor #4 in Chernobyl

Gomi sculptures:

"Cologne people" by HA Schult

A way to get rid of gomi:

Left: A plasma torch gasifies municipal waste, which is used to power a steam turbine at Utashinai (Japan). Right: Principle behind it (Read more

brightpearl 09-03-2007 07:52 AM

Stephi, I nearly posted a pic of reactor 4 in the 80s thread last night (too depressing, I decided)...get out of my brain!

minimalist trash

minimall-ish trash architechture

Stephi_B 09-03-2007 08:13 AM

^Yes it is. :( Though I must say it was the first - and next to the fall of the Wall most influencial - global event experienced in my 80' s childhood (our region was also mediumly strong affected by fallout, we kids were not to play outside when it rained, the sandbox was taboo, we didn't eat any fruits/veggies from our garden etc. My colleague, who lived at the time in Minsk, Belarus, told me about how it was there, besides some squads washing the streets with a special foam - maybe twice - not much happened, although radiation levels were quite well known, everybody listened to Western radio, or let others fluent in English/German translate them the reports. For example people still ate their self-grown things, went for mushrooms to the woods etc.)


Trailer trash - drawn pretty


Brynn 09-03-2007 07:00 PM

Anna 09-04-2007 02:53 AM

Stephi_B 09-04-2007 07:08 AM

'trash bag':

T.I.P. 09-04-2007 01:48 PM

it's too dirty in here :mad:

*sweep * *sweep * *sweep*

brightpearl 09-04-2007 01:57 PM

^underwear folder


Earthling 09-04-2007 03:07 PM

one mans garbage, is another mans spice:p

Stephi_B 09-05-2007 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by T.I.P. (Post 360930)
it's too dirty in here :mad:

*sweep * *sweep * *sweep*

T.I.P.?? Where are you? You making a tea break?

Well, organized you a refuse lorry:


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