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Spicy Jack 12-07-2004 07:24 PM


Originally posted by Frieda
i am

experiencing interesting somethings


Clytie 12-08-2004 12:04 PM

i am
*yawns* awake
annoyed at my brother (which never happens)
only working for 4 hrs... blah i could use the $$

chuckie egg 12-08-2004 12:17 PM


Clytie 12-08-2004 12:21 PM

*throws chuckie some ice*

i am
in need of caffeine... coffee!!!

chuckie egg 12-08-2004 12:38 PM

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daverbee 12-08-2004 12:58 PM

How did you get that???

chuckie egg 12-08-2004 12:59 PM

I got punched really hard at kungfu :(

daverbee 12-08-2004 01:06 PM

Did you reciprocate?

chuckie egg 12-08-2004 01:10 PM

of course... it was quite a scrap. But he pretty much beat me up!

I am

having to buy a top with long sleeves for fridays Christmas party now. hmph.

daverbee 12-08-2004 01:13 PM

This calls for guile and deceit.
I'd suggest a crowbar...

chuckie egg 12-08-2004 01:16 PM

I guess I'm just a peach :p

daverbee 12-08-2004 01:19 PM

Yes, you are. That's why we love you!

I am -

Torn in about five different directions at work. Everybody wants everything all at the same time. Urgh!

Going to a meeting to escape all that.

Hungry...again. You'd think one meal would last a lifetime, but noooooo!

Clytie 12-08-2004 01:47 PM


Originally posted by chuckie egg

aweeeeeeeee that looks like it hurt... reminds me of my car accident bruise

superfunkomatic 12-09-2004 12:37 AM

I am:

1) Smarter than Some
2) Not as smart as others
3) I am Canadian, but not like the Molson Canadian Beer Commercial

Hermione 12-09-2004 01:51 AM

... Hoping Chuckie feels better!!

Originally posted by chuckie egg

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