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On one of of my first nights at my place of work I was giving out pills (for money, I'm a nurse in a nursing home) in a low lit area. I heard an odd whispering, sighing noise which made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I gathered my wits and decided to investigate. The sunroom near me was in darkness and I thought the mystery was solved when I spotted a woman sitting at the table inside. I headed toward the room to guide the wanderer out and back to bed but as I put my hand out to turn the light on she simply disappeared.

Seeing as I was new to the place I kept the story to myself but I was seriously freaked. Until a few months later when staff were chatting about the ghost lady who sits in the sunroom, eeeek. Three years later, I don't hang about down there even in the daytime and I always, always close the door when on an afternoon shift.
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