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9. hold

The dictionary offers comely, dainty, graceful and lovely; but it's really a very old expression which makes me immediately think of a "holde Maid", being a Burgfräulein of course, sitting in the tower window of a castle, minnesingers praise her downstairs in the court, while she awaits the return of her favoured young knight (who is a "holder Jüngling", evidently) who is out to slay some dragon to get her hand....
I like the sound of it , though with respect to people it scarcely appears nowerdays (it should!). Today it's still used in expressions like "das Glück ist mir hold", i.e. luck is (constantly) favourable towards me, where it means "(constantly) favourable".
By a quick search I could only find one possible root it might derive from (and which would make sense in both forms of meaning): "Holde" being an expression for a good, female spirit.
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