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waaaaaaa :)
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This email I got today:

Dear Mrs. B {they abolished the Miss here some years ago...},
am organising the 30-year Abi {highschool exam} meeting,
and I'd need informations concerning your mother Mrs. Barbara B,
born C. Her email address would be enough to come into contact
with her.
Your email address I received from Mrs Barbara B {who is my ex-stepmother btw},
whom I called but who turned out to be the wrong Mrs Barbara B.
... {politeness formulas etc. pp.} ...

Now we got a very, very seldom family name (only like two dozen people have it Germany-wide).
So dear Dad, please, please don't marry any Barbaras again,
or the invitation to my mom's 40th or 50th Abi meeting may travel so
many stations that she cannot attend it anymore. Yeah, well actually she
hates these meetings, so go on with that, plus you never come in the
embarrassing situation to call a lady by the wrong name...
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