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My 6-yr-old son's school lost him today.

Obviously, he's been located and is safe, or I wouldn't be on here. But when they called, they told me they must have put him in a car with someone else, because my friend who was supposed to pick him up was there, and she was looking for him. It turned out that they had put him on a bus by mistake, even though he never rides one, but they didn't realize that's where he was until the bus driver figured out he wasn't supposed to be there.

I was an hour away when they called, asking who he could've gone home with. I called everyone of course, and no one had him, which I already knew.

I spent 45 mintues worried that unspeakable things were happening to him as I tried to drive the hour to his school. My friend is the one who called to tell me they had found him.

The only other time I have ever been so scared was when I was in labor with him, and the nurse screwed up the monitor and thought he was dead. But that was only for 5 minutes, and I didn't really know then what it was to lose him.

Now I know.

What I don't know is why they didn't go outside to look for him before they called me to ask where he was. Or why they didn't immediately radio all the buses for a check. Or how he got sent out to the wrong transportation in the first place, and why no one checked to see what bus he was supposed to be on, if any.

But I have a meeting with the superintendent later in the week to find out. And I am angry.
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