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dear sir david attenborough,

having thoroughly enjoyed your many wildlife series in the past - life on earth, the living planet, the trials of life, the private life of plants, the life of birds, the life of mammals to name but a few, it saddens me to advise you that i feel this latest series of yours the secret life of furries to be in rather poor taste. furries, my dear sir, are synthetic imaginations. this begs the question then, have you been away from homo sepians at such length that you’ve lost site of their appearance, or do you prefer these hirsute representations as an affectionate reminder of an area within the fields you have poured your heart and soul o’er these many years, or are you reveling to the world what truly lies within the dark recesses at the bottom of your deep blue psyche? i am befuddled that a man such as your self would entertain the masses - any many of them underage, too! - with his darkest fantasies, although dressed in scientific clothing. Therefore I demand that you repent and
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