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Let me first apologize for misspelling Christianity in the title of this thread. My studies keep me up really late and as you will find, I will mispell important words from time to time. You should hear me try to talk after 24 hours of no sleep. It isn't very pretty.

Originally Posted by Coffee
How do the Christian faithful, and the Christian faith itself reconcile the difference in lifestyle choices/examples set by the son of god/Jesus, i.e his simple life style of poverty and humility and his clearly demonstrated tollerance and compasion for classes of people that "mainstream" society found reprehensible, repulsive or unworthy of compassion, including sinners (let he who has no sin cast the first stone), Lepers, prostitutes (Mary Magdalene), foreigners (The good Samaritan), ...with the intollerance taught to christians currently in the name of Jesus, and the extravagant, luxurious almost pampered lifestyles of many, not all, Christian leaders.

Oh, and, why did Jesus love apostle John more than the others? I always wondered about that.
It's a real shame that people misuse the Bible for their own benefit, whether it's on purpose or because of a lack of understanding. We are all children of God. I can not speak for every Christian, because even I don't agree with many of their opinions and how they like to interpret the Bible. I can only speak on behalf of myself. It is wrong to discriminate between gender, age, race, belief, sexual preference. I pesonally welcome differences. I may not agree with what people do, but I refuse to hate them for it. Different isn't wrong, it makes each one of us that more interesting.

I do not approve of those leaders of the church who take advantage of others good will by misusing the money collected for anything other than living expenses. Anything extra should be used to help others. They're priorities are wrong and they don't appear to be fully understanding the Bible, and because of that, shouldn't be teaching it.

With my studies, I have yet to find where it states that Jesus says specifically that He loves John more than anyone else. It is assumed because Jesus confided in Peter, James and John the most (Matt 17:1-9) and John himself referred to himself as such in his own gospel (John 13:23-25; 19:26; 27; 20:2-8; 21:7; 20). John is only human and we all would like to be our Father's favorite. I think he may have viewed himself as such, so that's what he wrote. It can not be determined that he was so.

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