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Originally Posted by Clytie
i think its nice that you want to answer questions and curious as to why you posted this ...thats my question
I enjoy discussing the topic and thought I could clear up a few misunderstandings about Christians in general. I would do the same for anything that I was interested in.

Originally Posted by Coffee
oh...and...I suppose it would be helpful to know if you are an "expert" on Christianity or if your answers are a layman's understanding of his faith. Did you attend a bible college? Do you have credentials, or an enthusiastic amateur? It would be helpful to know that to guage how much salt to add to our reading of your answers.

Thanks, in advance.
I don't see how it really matters, but yes, I am a student of Christianity. As far as an "expert" goes, who can really honestly say that they are? I am always learning, searching for answers and that's is how I go about everything. Once you close your mind to the world around you, you limit your knowledge of it and therefor can't really grow as a person. You should take everything with a grain of salt no matter who they say they are. Make your own decisions. I'm just here to express what I learned thus far.

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