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Peed on by a Lion

Okay. It's true. I admit it.

I was peed on by a lion.

I was about 4 or 5 years old and my mother took my older sister and me to the Dallas zoo one day. I was completely in love with cats and was totally entranced by the big male lion.

In those days (I'm dating myself here), zoos still had those horrible steel cages, so this lion was pretty neurotic. He apparently spent his days pacing back and forth along the fence.

I was standing at the railing, completely enraptured by this great big kitty. I didn't hear my mother or anyone else warning me. The lion backed his butt against the railings and let loose.

I was drenched.

My mother said I smelled atrocious and no amount of cleaning me up in the ladies room helped. We headed back home with the car windows wide open.

Judy<---who still loves cats but isn't so sure about male lions anymore
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