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The tedium only slightly relieved by the ever present possiblity of total and complete destruction should one of the thousands of critical systems fail, he completed his routine engineering checks, returned to his seat by the view screen and put up the latest E-novel retrieved from the databanks. It was a historical novel, about pre-spaceflight Earthers and the day to day struggles they encountered while trapped on the gravity well, the only place they had to call home. It seemed metaphorical of the same dynamics we experience today amoung the varied crews bound together on these interstellar behemoths we call home these days...."days"...what a retro term that was now. It struck him how hard it was now to imagine a time when our species lived out their entire lives planet bound, their clock lives regulated by the spin of their planet, their lives dependant on the clemency of natural random forces...forces that caused the destruction of the Earth's biosphere just 2 hundred years ago with the help of ingnorance, greed, and a black asteroid that went undetected till it was far to late to do anything about it. He wondered what it would be like to be on a planet, and wasn't sure if he could bear to live planet side, even if he had the option, which he didn't since the ship wasn't due to make planet fall for another 4 generations. No, he decided, despite the risks of a life in space, at least the risks were "man"agable...and preventable. With any notion of "indestructableness" a total farce out here, living in a tiny duranium bubble in space, people worked now for the common good, and our community was strong, our bonds tight. All of our lives depend on the diligence of each other, just as it always had been, but now it was obvious to everyone. It was a good trade in his opinion, giving up the bright illusion of "security" for the stark reality of "dependence".

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