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Real definition:

Anything that excites lactation.

I had hoped for someone to come up with a tie-in to the Transformers movie but you people disappointed me.
There were many scifi related defs presented with this little gem by Coffee being the best:

Galactagogue ga-lac-ta-Go-go future (from Webster's 2050 edition)

Short lived dance club fad reminiscent of Disco, but themed around SciFi settings, costumes, and decor. The best clubs offered enviorments evoking the Tatooine alien bar from Star Wars episode IV...the worst and frankly the majority of them were shabby poorly lit hastily renovated places reminiscent of a cheesy neighborhood haunted house.

The word is that retro Galactagogue pants are going to be the rage next year, get thee to a thrift store.

So, he wins.
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