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Originally Posted by Klynne View Post
I am excited to announce, I paid down my credit card debt to under $500. I owed over $8,000. Now, I have next to nothing owed. It took me over two years to accomplish, but it is done. I have made a budget, and only use my debit card. Hard to do, but I did it. Yeah!
Well done klynne! Mmmm shrug. i was 10.000$ now about 6.000$. I'm on the same route. The Debit card is way better. But the problem is all the work expenses I charge on the credit card and then I kind of get paid for them and then I don't pay off the credit card. Yes it's stupid. oh well. One day I will be rich having a nice buffer on the debit card. Umm right.
So the announcement is that i cannot blame the americans for fwking up the lending economy. I take a small share in that

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