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Noob here, let the asskickings begin -bending over-

Hi, I'm Sapphire - yes, really - my parents were wannabe hippies and thought "Sapphire" was a "far out" name. Staunch republicans that they grew to be, they ended up horrified when I became a hippy on their behalf.

My husband and kids are hippies too - quite proud of my whole brood, actually.

Getting all the potentially asskick-worthy stuff out of the way:

I'm bisexual, but monogamous. If you don't understand that the two are not mutually exclusive, ask. I won't bite unless you beg, and even then, you have to beg REALLY well.

I fully support (and demand, actually) total and complete equality for GLBTs. It shames me that my country has not moved out of the stone age on this issue.

I live in occupied America. It has become my life's purpose to see the Dicktator-in-Thief impeached and prosocuted for high crimes and treason.

I am pro-choice but anti-capital punishment. And yes, I do sleep well at night, thank you.

I am spiritual, not religious. I think God/Universe/Life/Deity got short changed when S/He allowed others to speak on His/Her behalf. If you've ever read books along the lines of "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein, and "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch, you probably have a pretty good grasp of my spiritual beliefs.

I'm a volunteer Project Coordinator for a global non-profit. I spend some 80+ hours a week on that, and I really enjoy my work. Unlike most corporate project managers, however, I actually do the work myself rather than delegating to others and taking the credit. I'm also one of two IT/Web Coordinators for the United States branch of our organization.
Link is in my profile under "fav url" if you're interested.

And now for the most important part - I LOVE Ze Frank! I use "Stumble Upon" when I'm bored and have repeatedly "stumbled upon" a number of Ze's creations - the other night, I "stumbled" here and knew I had to sign up. I liked what I saw and have really enjoyed reading up on some of the discussions here. Most of the forums I've posted on in the past have either been "strictly spiritual" in nature or "strictly political" in nature - it's nice to find a community that sort of spans the spectrum.

The asskickings may now commence.
Thou art God. Do you grok?
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