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Originally Posted by michaelG View Post
It would seem, given the level of control he exerted and her call to ask that they prepare a room for her, everyone was aware there was nothing less than a serious threat to her well being. Her life was simply wasted, and she could have been helped if anyone had taken the time to know the man's history and been aware of the warning signs of extreme domestic abuse.

That's all I am saying. I really feel sorry for the child, as he will never understand why someone did not save his mother despite her self-deceptive hope that her man would change.

Perhaps the celebration helped them rid themselves of the guilt the family can not help but be dealing with.

I hear you. But, I ask you, what would you do if you were in their situation? You have an adult child, and you have some sense of what is happening but not the complete picture. Would you talk to her? They did. Would you hold her against her will, to keep her away from this man? I am sure they wanted to, but that is kidnapping. Can you even imagine how powerless they felt?

Really, what would you have done under these circumstances?

I am not asking you this to be argumentative, but really, what would you have done?

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