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waaaaaaa :)
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Oh my, Frieda *hug*

I was totally amazed, fell out of my socks, my long-thought-lost Russian babes are back!!! A. and me rushed over to the internet cafe and wrote Vanya a YAAAY ROSSIYA RULZ mail. He's Russian, he lives in Vienna were the final is (and methinks it will be Turkey vs Russia, and many, many people think so, at least those who were at the bar/cafe where we watched it and those later on who were sitting at the bra of my fav club last night, discussing the events ), plus his family is on visit at theirs just now -- I figure they still dance on the table

But my second thought was for Frieda *more hugs*

So, I have plan: Frieda, when you feel better again, you join the Turkodutch crowd (if they are like the Turkogermans they do magnificent car parades like no other fans do). Cos I will go back to my first fav Russian babes (Oh, this being-torn-apartness, emotional rollercoaster riding, this Euro, my heart, my fingernails, my lacking sleep cos of partying car paraders ), but to keep the number of Turkey supporters constant and all...

And party is sure! Berlin is not only the German capital, the inofficial Turkish capital but also the westernmost suburb of Moscow
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