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Okay, itís official Ė Iím pissed.

It wasnít until I spoke with another zefrank board member that I learned how much this pissed me off. And even then I waited to respond. I didnít want to react, but to respond.

And Iíve waited a week since our conversation and Iíve learned that Iím even more pissed than I thought I was.

If an attack was made based on a personís race, class, or weight the board would have been outraged, and would have acted accordingly. If it was on a personís sexuality there might have been some objections. But instead it was an attack on my gender identity, and a crude one at that.

Iím not lashing out at Topcat because thereís no point in doing so; he/she/sie is a narrow-minded idiot. This is something Iíve learned over the last few years here. But this person made a distasteful remark slamming me, and the board just turns its collective eyes away from the problem.

The thread has been viewed many times since my last post. This thread has endured over a thousand posts over the course of two and a half years and suddenly it dies. My theory is that it has died because no one wants to comment on the issue.

If anyone has issue with my gender identity and wants to bring it forth, please do so in the Debate forum and I would be more than happy to respond. If someone wants to taunt me in other threads, then have fun with it. If the rest of the board wants to sit by and allow this to happen, then I guess I will have to find another community with which to spend my time.
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