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Thank you for posting these, it's fun getting to know everyone.

1. Name:


2. Were you named after anyone you know of?

Amy in Little Women, spelled this way due to my mother's nationality.

3. Do you wish on stars?


4. Which finger is your favorite?

The middle. It speaks volumes.

5. When did you last cry?

Prolly sometime in the last week, out of frustration

6. Do you like your handwriting?


7. What is your favorite lunch meat?

Smoked turkey

8. Have any bad habits?

Like what, picking my bellybutton lint on the subway?

9. What's in your CD player right now?

Ben Sidran

10. Do you believe in soul mates?


11. Are you a daredevil?


12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?

You mean about that time you & Bobby went under the bleachers during homecoming &

13. Do looks matter?

To some extent, yes. Anyone who says they don't is a liar.

14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid?

All the time.

15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

When there's no getting over that rainbow
When my smallest of dreams won't come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won't last a day without you

(damn you Spart)

But of course. Glittery gold, girlfriend! It's Faaaaabulous!

16. Do fish have feelings?

Yes. They feel what they are--DELICIOUS!!!

17. Are you trendy?

Depends. Not really though.

18. How do you release anger?

I go work out or take a walk. Gets rid of the adrenaline & if anyone gets hurt it's gonna be me.

19. Where are your second homes?

My parents house, where my dog resides.

20. Do you trust others easily?

No. You have to prove to me that you can be trusted.

21. What was your favorite toy as a child?

A learning set; it had a chalkboard, you could set it in your lap & trace letters from flashcards. It also had magnetic letters, so you could spell things, too.

22. What class in school do you think is totally useless?


23. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I don't know, what do YOU think?

24. Do you have a journal?


25. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?


26. What do you look for in a boy/girl?

Sense of humor, can't be a snob, chemistry, emotionally available, etc.

27. What are your nicknames?

How long do you want this post to be? Christ, everyone I meet gives me a different one.

28. Would you ever bungee jump?


29. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Never. Unless they're my hiking boots, with those, you have to.

30. Do you think that you are strong?

I know that I am.

31. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chubby Hubby

32. What's your favorite color(s)?

deep turquoise

33. How many wisdom teeth do you have?

None, born w/o 'em. Let the jokes commence.

34. Are you in love with anyone?

My dog.

35. How many people have a crush on you right now?

I'm like Raymond, everyone loves me. *pukes*

36. Who do you miss most right now?

NYC. I had a girls nite out tonight w/my girlfriends. Made me a little wistful for my friend.

37. What are you wearing?

Pajama top, jeans

38. what are you listening to right now?

Jay Leno

39. What was the last thing you ate?


40. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

sea green & sky blue

41. How is the weather right now?

cold, threatening to rain

42. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?


43. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Face, eyes

44. When is your birthday?

June 18

45. How are you today?


46. Favorite Drink?

Seltzer & lime

47. Favorite alcoholic drink?

Malibu, pineapple & Vanillacuddy's

48. Favorite sports?

Hockey, Football

49. Hair color?

Strawberry blond

50. Eye color?


51. Do you wear contacts?


52. Siblings and their ages:

sister 24, brother 21

53. What is your favorite month?


54. Favorite food?

Gramma's homemade pasta, sauce & meatballs

55. Last movies you watched?

sneak preview of Raising Helen

56. Favorite day of the year?

there are several

57. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

No. Have only been very shy w/one particular man. Just something about him, not sure what it is, I just clam up.

58. Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings

59. Summer or winter?

Spring & fall

60. Hugs or kisses?

Why not both? XOXOX

61. Relationships or one-night stands?

Jesus H. You think I'm answering this?

62. What books are you reading?

I have a Jackie Collins waiting for me.

63. Favorite Song?

This changes on an hourly basis.

64. Favorite board game?

Sequence, Trivial Pursuit

65. What did you watch on TV last night?

I didn't. Stuck a tape in the VCR & went out w/my GBF's

66. Favorite smells?

Ocean breezes, coconut, lilacs, warm puppy, cute boy, Gramma's house, April Fresh Downy.

67. What is the first thing you think of when you get up in the morning?

Usually I am awakened by the phone ringing. So my first thought is to check the caller ID.
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