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it's just because he's your bro pfp.
they're prolly jealous or something.

ok, i got a question: what about dinosaurs? why aren't they in
the bible? clytie said something about leviathan but i thought
that was a whale. even if it was a dino, it's pretty scant mention
for a whole array of huge lizard creatures who were, according
to the bible, co-existing with humans for quite a while.

ps i like this thread, and think you're very brave. there are lots
of things i've always wanted to ask a christian and i look forward
to hearing your answers. i do have one tip though, and that is,
please try not to sound so self righteous and smug. it's a common
problem with those chosen by our lord that they naturally think
they're better than all us heathens. but it does grate somewhat.
ok, just a thought.
the tea leaf family
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