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Originally Posted by moel
i saw paint cans float into the air. she came back, and she asked “do you miss me yet?”. i didn’t answer her, and suddenly realized it wasn’t her, it was the pineapple girl. she went away. i could hardly see, objects would flash black. i moved my eyes. ive fainted before, and remembered that happening. i mentioned i didn’t feel well. said i could make things float. at which point he sent me home for the rest of the day. but instead i went and got my hair cut, and listened to the stories at the barbershop.

twenty-nine years is a long time. as i walked past the third door i wondered how it came to be that i was still lurking these half-lit hallways. tony said this could happen, but i don’t listen to strangers. at least not strangers named tony.

the door was locked

and twenty-nine years is a long time.

the sprite can is clicking. i swear to god it's clicking.

it's the only sound now. i've gone this far, and i know it's making that sound. now it's the only sound. i figured it out and you know what? it's like a whole new universe just opened up.

unimportant? how so? well you're probably right. fine.

but i can't help thinking i need to think about this.
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