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another one

i wake up suddenly, very alarmed. i think WTF and i look around. it's summer and light outside, it feels like 5.30 am. i check my alarm clock but it's not working. i hear weird blasts in the distance.

i get up and put my jogging pants on under my nightgown. i put my bootees on, no socks. just going out for a short peek of what is happening outside. i go into the hallway and into the living room. i see light between the curtains. i open them, fvcking curtain hook that's broken, and across the street, the building that's across the street, that building, where is it??

what i see are the remains of a building, cratered and smoldering, i see half of a house, half of a bathroom with a tub, but i don't see people. it looks like a war happened to my block. why are my windows still intact? i open the door to the balcony and burn my hand on the doorhandle. dammit, remember fire training! i go back and get the kitchen towel, i put it over my face. i open the balcony door.

im unable to understand what i see. the river is burning! it's black and yellow and orange with flames. the docks and boats are burning, and all the streets are empty. it's like they left without me. i'm alone, in a cratered building, shelled in my bed.. am i really the only one left??
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