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Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post

The cat's out of the bag...TIP and I are Orthodox Druid.

Just have to think about Miraculix

After brief excursions to Zoroastrianism and Taoism, I have discovered (actually re-discovered)
...guess you guess what! Problem is only that this flavour of heathendom is quite crowded with either people serving racism and machismo instead of the gods or role-play freaks - one has to look twice!

Originally Posted by brightpearl View Post
Someone just withdrew from a class I teach because she "found out" about my religious affiliation.

I feel kind of sad about it. It must hurt to be that afraid.
This student, does she come from a (fundie) Christian background, do you know? Sounds not all to unsimilar to what I heard from a Canadian Wiccan, he even was physically assaulted for his belief


Back on topic: Am feeling hot today, not as worse as yesterday though, but why don't we have air-conditioning @ work?!
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